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Christian Radio Stations

I hope that this is allowed?

Do any of you listen to Christian radio? If so what are they?

The station here in Madison is [edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission]

They are affiliated with Northwestern College in Minn.

They have two stations-"Life 102.5fm", which is primarily music, & "Inspirational am1190", which is primarily talk.

I like the FM station, because of all the great music they have! You can listen to them online, & all the time I can!

Anybody else know of Christian Radio Stations, their links, & whether or nor you can listen to them online?


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I know of a radio station!

Yeah, in Minnestoa there is a awesome AM radio station called "Talk the Walk"--"More Spirited Talk Radio". AM 980 KKMS.

Visit the website at [edited by Yeshua no LINKS are to be posted without Chad's permission]

This is a must for people who wish to know how to witness.

-Chimney Sweeper ^_~
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Madison WI 102.5

Hey Bill, I am listening with you to 102.5! It is the only station I listen to in my car and I commute nearly 2 hours round trip everyday! It helps me to prepare for my day and it helps me reflect on my day when it comes to an end!

Here in Canada we have Shine FM, which I love listening to on my way to work. It is way more positive and uplifting than country or anything else that is out there these days!
premier christian radio

premier christian radio in the uk is excellent, inspiring listening IMHO.

it helps me in my walk with the Lord.
radio maria

radio maria is also worth investigating for anyone who's not averse from catholic teaching - org after radiomaria

the one i listen to is in the netherlands (nl after radiomaria) but there are also `franchises` in the usa - google radio maria america.