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Christian photos

Pretty good selection here - you have an eye for photography
I enjoyed looking through your albums.
Staff Member
Please go look at my scriptured photos at ckphotography.net.

i might move this for you.

Are they some form of Guava buds in one of your pics?
Nice moon shots, too

I have half a zillion photos stored digitally that will probably disappear when i do. Lot's of sunsets and trees, flowers, butterflies and bees!

Bless you and thank you for sharing ....><>
Thank you Br. Bear. I am not sure what kind of buds they are. I never checked them out. I hope you dont lose your pics. God has used photography to help relieve stress and deal with things in my life. Looking back at pics whether you post them somewhere or not always reminds me of Gods grace in my life.
Staff Member

yes, the leaves looked like guava of some sort, which is why i asked.
I hear what you are saying regarding looking back and being reminded of God's Grace.

It appears that the lens you use is one with a filter that helps you to see the wonder of our Creator in all you see and take photo's of.

The Lord bless you and keep you ><>