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Christian music

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Greetings again @Terridecker

Robert Evans Scripture Songs is very gentle and relaxing.

It is also a great blessing as the songs are straight from the Word of God

If i could hit the love button a million times i would.. Thats exactly what im looking for.. Songs from scripture that are good for the soul!! I guess i need to call my fiancees(glorified boyfriend)(yes we plan on getting married but we have been together for 6 and a half years now)aunt chipper and ask her for some of the songs she listens to.. Im going through a lot now.. Im trying to change my life.. Im engulfed in sin.. I used to be a good christian but i was baptized when i was twelve and the rebelious side of me kicked in and i pretty well thought that i was untouchable and that i could sin and do whatever i wanted cause "i was saved" and now we are at past tense cause yes i was saved but now am dead.. I hope that i can turn my life around but i really need a support group and some real christian friends!! Its gonna be a bumpy road but i want to take it full speed and get out of it while i can! I want to save my life!

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