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Christian morality

Since love is total surrender of one self to serve the other, conjugal union becomes an act of love only when the involved parties have totally committed one’s entire life to serve the other, and together as a couple have surrendered them selves by leaving their union open to accepting new human beings. Since total and unconditional surrender of one’s life to another human being (two become one flesh- Gen 2:24; Matt 19:5; Eph 5:31) occurs only in marriage, for it to be an act of love it must be within a marriage. Since conjugal act is procreative, those involved in this act must accept procreative responsibility. Procreative responsibility is to accept and raise children (Gen 1:28, 9:1, 7; 35:11) (that are procreated from such acts) in a family.
When unmarried couples engage in conjugal act, it is selfish, because, they do not have a lifelong commitment to one another. When a commitment is temporary, it has conditions attached to it. It is therefore, not true love. Therefore, adultery and fornication are acts that defile human beings (1Cor.6:9, 10). In addition, because, these acts lack true love, they deprive the couple of true peace.
Sexual acts, with the use of contraception or contraceptive methods, lack procreative element. In such acts the possibility of receiving and serving new human beings is deliberately eliminated. Such acts therefore, are against love (who is God) and human life. They therefore, make one human being look at the other as an object to use for pleasure, and take away respect for human life. This removes love from their relationship. It is therefore, one of the reasons for increase in divorce after the popularization of artificial birth control. It is therefore, no surprise that in the scriptures a contraceptive act was considered deadly in the eyes of God (Gen.38:8-10).
Since we are created in God’s divine image (Gen. 1:27) and our bodies are temples of the Holy Spirit (1Cor.6:19-20), our actions must conform to God’s design. Oral and anal sex and same sex activity involve union of sexual and gastrointestinal organs, which are physiologically incompatible and non-complementary. Therefore, these activities are unnatural and go against God’s plan. In addition, they are devoid of true love, because, they are totally devoid of procreative (life giving) element. In addition, same sex activity is harmful to the mind because it involves emotions that are contrary to natural laws. Therefore, those who practice such activity cannot inherit the kingdom of God (I Cor. 6:9,10). Masturbation also is devoid of love, because it has no unitive or procreative element. It is therefore, sexual sin against our own body, which is temple of the Holy Spirit (1 Cor. 6: 18, 19). This act therefore, dishonors God.
Some people are born with physical defect. We accept the fact that they have defects, and try to fix them by medical or surgical treatment; because, if left untreated they have grave consequences. Some people have unnatural sexual orientation. We have to realize that it is abnormal and help the person overcome it. We would do a disservice to the person, if we said it was normal to have unnatural sexual orientation and do nothing about it. Others despair and say, they are born with it; therefore, no one can do anything about it. The good news is that we can do it with help of God. Jesus came into this World to heal our mind, body and spirit (Luke 4: 18-20). In other words, with God’s help we can overcome our imperfections and live a life of pure love.
Thank you very much for you're thread . In the thread was allot of explanations of Gods perfection that he planned for our live's . But we also want to allow all the lost and broken in the world to come to talkjesus , and be received with the love of the Father first !

All are welcome to Gods saving grace , no matter what the sin ! Please talkjesus family , lets be careful not to allow this thread to become a judgemental stench in Gods nostril's ! A house is built one brick at a time ! If a child of God is sent here broken , then let us be the restorer of the broken down walls in their live's . In doing this , we will be examples of the love these broken are longing for . God Bless You All ! Mike
Staff Member
This is an excellent topic thanks for sharing.

Pretty much a subject on my mind lately as the defeated devil loves to tempt me with lustful imagery. By GOD's awesome grace, wisdom and hope through Jesus Christ the Holy Spirit has been convicting me with Truth (like you mentioned above) and I've been fighting, slowly but surely able to see such relationship between a man/woman how GOD originally made it (and still remains His way).
Is sex purely for the procreative element? If this is a biblical truth so be it, but for a married couple who are unable to conceive, does that mean that the should no longer have sexual intercourse? Does God not want us to enjoy the physical aspects of love?
I have read and re-read your original post and (with the greatest respect to your good self) I still see no valid argument against non-procreative sex between a married couple. None of the scriptures you presented seem to back up the argument of non-procreative sex being a taboo in biblical terms.

In fact, the first 3 verses you provide seem to diminish your argument rather than strengthen it...the two becoming one flesh. It would seem to me that this statement of a union between the two illustrates that no boundaries exist within that context; the two become one and thus endeth any question of sexually moral taboos. It seems plain as day to me.

It would follow from your argument that the romantic acts of holding hands, kissing and foreplay would also be a perversion, as neither is required for pro-creation.

Furthermore, you speak of incompatability of parts (other than specific pro-creative) being for the purpose of sexual gratification. Song of Solomon has many examples of sexual interplay, dressed up poetically to preserve a sense of decency (I am assuming). It seems quite brazen even to an adult reader. Song of Solomon 2:3/4:16/5:1 I would set out the text in detail but perhaps it would be more approriate to point you toward that most passionate of books and survey the dialogue for yourself. It is a book of graphic love and I think we are kidding ourselves if we view such passages as being non-sexual.

As for anal sex, the bible does make its outright condemnations of homosexuality but (to my knowledge) it makes no mention or allusion toward the act between a married couple.

As such, I honestly believe the love between a man and a woman shared in the privacy of their marriage bed is completely their own business. Biblically, it is sanctified, pure and above reproach. If we are made in God's image how could we refer to any part of it as being somehow unclean or taboo?

I would be most interested in hearing your thoughts and would happily stand corrected in the face of more robust scriptural eidence.
First I just want to say it is a wonderful thread starter and I enjoyed reading it.

Since love is total surrender of one self to serve the other

Ok but here you say..

When unmarried couples engage in conjugal act, it is selfish

Basically you are saying marriage is selfish and love is altruistic?

Altruism by the way, does not exist. Only insane people can be altruistic... think about it. There is no total surrender of one self to serve the other. Not even slavery is this. There is always some form of self interest the person has in doing what he/she does, in what decision he/she makes. Altruism therefore becomes irrational.

Name any situation, any scenario in which a person makes a choice or decision. I will tell you what is self interested about the person's will. (because I wish to do so). I think if that's the definition of love, then love is not possible, so I'd incline myself to believe something different about love. Instead of following some ancient text, lets try thinking for once. What is it about love that makes us want it, makes it a quality?

When a person loves someone else, that person wants something from that person, or, wants to help the other person.He/she is not surrendering himself to his/her lover if he/she is wanting to do so. He/she still has control of himself.
perhaps if we deny ourselves and pray to God to enlighten us, we may know the answer of these matters.
The following verse certainly addresses the question:

"Marriage is honourable in all, and the bed undefiled: but whoremongers and adulterers God will judge." Heb 13:4

It would seem to me that a husband and wife who honor each other will do only in their own private bed that which is honorable. Who can sit in judgment over those private actions other than God?