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Christian Festivals/Concerts England

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Dear Friends,

I really want to go to a Christian festival this year and am after some recomendations. Also any concerts? Or do you know of any good web links where I can find this kind of thing? Really want to experience mass fellowship and find some more, new Christian music.

They have to be in England, UK!! Or possibly Europe but that pulling the purse strings! lol

Many thanks in advance, Zena :star:
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Hi Zena

Not sure that this will be suitable, you being in......did I see Royal Berkshire, well ............down south?

I attanded "Grapevine" last year. This being held on the Lincolnshire Showground, in August, under canvass for the fit and younger folks. We that are beyond such activity find a hotel.

2007 saw over 13000 visiters, all registered to attend. £200,000 + raised in the three mission offerings.

An excellent weekend.....
Thank you for that. I will look into it.
Yes I am in Berkshire - about 40 miles from London.

Thinking of going to the Pentecost festival in London in May - looks good.

Any other ideas?

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How about Spring Harvest they usually happen around Easter time. Spring harvest.org.

I think there are some others around the Country.

There is Greenbelt too.

God bless

LLJ :love: :rainbow: :rose:
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