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Christian Concerts !

How many members have ever been to a Christian concert ? If you have been to one or more , can you tell us who you saw , and what you thought about them . :love: :boy_hug: :computer: Mike
christian concerets hey??

tihs could b fun...

ok, i have been 2...

alabaster box 3 times
big exoday
the call Australia
youth alive- live recording

ok, im havin a TOTAL mind blank an i have been 2 soooo many more, i just cant think of em... when i do, ill get bak 2 ya...
I saw D.C Talk 3 times . Newsboys , Out of Eden , Audio Adrenalin , BeBe & CeCe Winans , Jeff Fenholt , Larry Norman , Bryan Duncan , Terry MaCalmon , MXPX , Gotti Hook , Phil Driscoll , Mark Fahrner , Mylon Lefever , Chris Folsom . Mike
Okay, I need to think back a bit.

David ? - I'll come back to it when it hits the memory bank
Commission - awesome awesome
4 Him
Steven Curtis Chapman - WOW!
Mercyme - out of this world!
Michael W. Smith
David Crowder Band

Would love to see MercyMe again

out of Eden too
I myself have never been to a christian concert . I have been to many non chriatian concerts. I dont know if I want to go to christian ones because I have heard that sometimes by peoples behavior you can not tell the difference. I am sure one day I will go to one but just havent yet. Joyfully ~ Jlu

well i beed 2 like 1... LoL.. so yeah i feel highly insuperier to all you other people. so yeah

1-The call..

Same As Aimz.. LOL.. might of had sumthign to do with we went 2gether.. LOL

Love Simon!!!
Well, I've only been to one, becuase the place I live in doesn't really have a big city by it, so there arn't many places for bands to play, therefore, there arn't too many concerts. I've only been to a "Carmen" concert. I'm not sure if youve heard of him or even remember him, but oh well. It was a pretty nifty concert, but I was about seven, and I had just gotten glasses, and I wasn't used to wearing them all the time. I forgot them at my house, and I could barely see a thing at the concert, sadly. Oh well. I hope to go to more Christian Concerts in the future.