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Christian Coalition

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Notice from Christian Coalition of America...

Christian Coalation of America is fighting against same-sex marriage and needs your help! Call this number to donate 202.479.6900 or 888.440.2262

The need your help to launch this "Take America Back" campaign to help fight against same-sex marriage.

1. Send your most generous gift to:
Christian Coalition of America
PO BOX 37030
Washington, DC 20013

2. Call your congressmen and women and tell them to support resolutions in the House and Senate that state, "Marriage in the United States shall consist only of the union of a man and a woman"

3. Secure 10 signatures on our "Let's Take America Back" petition and mail it to the above address. Download the petition from www.cc.org

4. Join the Christian Coalition in your area, and if there is not a state or local chapter, start one! To start a grassroots effort in your community, call the national field office toll free at 888.440.2262 and help us organzie "Let's Take America Back" rallies in all 50 states.

Help them now!!! We with the help of our Lord Savior can do this!
Use the facade of religion to further destroy someones individuality.. call this number...