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Christian Auto Decals.

Any one know where online i can find some christian vinyl decals? i have looked at our local book stores but all i can find there is the plastic emblems (jesus fish and such) the reason i want vinyl is because i am looking for some to witness with on the drag car and the hard plastic ones wont bend to follow the lines of the car and i cant get them to fully stick and stay stuck on there..
Type "christian vinyl auto decals" into google and it will give you a list of websites you can find those on Drew. :shade:
There's a guy who cut's me off everyday in traffic , after her blows his horn , and shoots me the high sign . He has Christian emblems all over his car ! I'll try to catch up to him and ask him where he got them . :thumbs_up Mike
Staff Member
I was thinking about tinting my rear windowing and having the stickers of my site address :) Cool free promotion yes?

www.talkjesus.com in white print, centered bottom.

How's that sound?
Sounds like a New York idea ! Most of the economic strategy comes from New Yorker's . Just drive right ! lol :thumbs_up Mike