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Christ and His Children

Staff Member
When thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin, he shall see his seed. (Isaiah 53:10)

Our Lord Jesus has not died in vain. His death was sacrificial: He died as our substitute, because death was the penalty of our sins. Because His substitution was accepted of God, He has saved those for whom He made His soul a sacrifice. By death He became like the corn of wheat which bringeth forth much fruit. There must be a succession of children unto Jesus; He is “the Father of the everlasting age.” He shall say, “Behold, I and the children whom Thou hast given me.”

A man is honored in his sons, and Jesus hath His quiver full of these arrows of the mighty. A man is represented in his children, and so is the Christ in Christians. In his seed a man’s life seems to be prolonged and extended; and so is the life of Jesus continued in believers.

Jesus lives, for He sees His seed. He fixes His eye on us, He delights in us, He recognizes us as the fruit of His soul travail. Let us be glad that our Lord does not fail to enjoy the result of His dread sacrifice, and that He will never cease to feast His eyes upon the harvest of His death. Those eyes which once wept for us are now viewing us with pleasure. Yes, He looks upon those who are looking unto Him. Our eyes meet! What a joy is this!

Charles Spurgeon
When the Lord makes you free, you are free in deed. Amen

And to know you have received favor of God, if we will not faint in the faith and walk in His commandments.
I do not like getting out of line with the Lord, for I do suffer greatly when I do.
His arm is not shortened, and His mercy endures forever; if His people will humble themselves and CRY OUT unto their God; He said, they shall be my people, and I will be their GOD. Amen

What a wonderful feeling of His love, compassion, patience, longsuffering, perserverance, temperance... when you know God has mercy upon us and wraps us in His loving arms.
Though the flood waters rage and fiery arrows come; He is my Shield and Buckler. He shall lead and I will follow.
All praise, glory and honor be unto God. Amen