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Choosing Avatars!

What was the reason you chose your avatar and why?

First of all, I chose the snowman throwing a snowball. Well, because its cute! Also, it signifies a spirit that is not passive. I believe complacency and apathy are our worst enemies. I want to fight against sin and lethargy.

My name is Sucat----St. Patrick's real name before he changed it. Sucat means "warlike". To me its a name that is not passive but active. "Pro-active" and not "Pro-stackive". Yes, I prefer to fight---against satan and sin. Although, it's not me who fights but Christ in me!!!!

Honestly, I chose my avatar because I couldn't get one of my own up on the site. But the one I chose, I chose because it symbolizes, at least for me, an eye. It's like God's eye, which is always watching.