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Children with Speacil needs.

I am a new christin with a son who is 7 years old who is disabled. I have been told that my son is the way he is do to my lack of faith in the lord. I have also been told it is due to sin in my life as to why he is not being healed.
Just looking for some answer.
hi sister/brother in the Lord, it is neither of those lies. The disciples asked Jesus the same thing in John 9:2, they asked Jesus if the man was blind due to sin caused by the man or his parents...
Jesus answered that he must work the works of He who sent Him!!
In other words, God is not responsible for sickness and death of loved ones, it is not God's will to have people suffer. The only author of disease and suffering is Satan due to the fall of man.

This is just a short piece of a small book by Kenneth Hagin I have recently read, there is much more if you are interested. Throughout the book it Jesus's works clearly contrast those of the enemy, and it gives such a clear revelation of the divine healing power through Jesus Christ. Please try and not put the lack of healing 'in a box' at this early stage.
I do not doubt your faith and Jesus will see that!!!
Please let me know if you want to hear more... Love Vicky Jesus loves You!!!!
Whoever told you that Never, seriously needs to ask themselves if they know God at all. My first guess would be they`ve never even met the God I serve.
Pray His blessings on you and your precious son.
Never please do not listen to them. Please read John 9 like iniasone mentioned. My Pastors son was hit by a drunk driver 18 years ago when he was just a small baby he went without oxygen for a long time and because of that suffered severe brain damage. Right now his son is still very ill and we are lifting him up in prayer. (please do so too) If I sat here and wrote all the stories of how my pastor's son helped lead people to the Lord it would take me a lifetime. My Pastor's son never spoke, never walked, yet my pastor and his wife kept him home and has taken care of him.
Their strength in the Lord is the loudest testamony I have ever heard. Know that all things work for the Glory of God ! While your son to most people is not "right or healed" does not make him a wonderful, beautiful, perfect creation to God.
Please know that you and your son will be awesome! God has a wonderful plan for both of you! Do not let others try and take that from you!
People will say that illness is a lack of faith they never think of it as a valley to walk thru.. That God only gives what they can handle and they must not be strong enough ( try telling them that and you'll see the tables turn)
Physical death for Christians is not a punishment it is a wonderful gift that means you are on your way to heaven! (can I get a amen?)
I am sure you can see the love of God all over your son and how you know God is touching his and your lives more than others you know!
Take care and feel free to contact me
God Bless you and your son!
Joyfully ~ Jlu
Staff Member
I have a few mentally retarded cousins due to both parent(s) sin and also mistake (hospital mistake, lack of oxygen and child became brain damaged to a certain extent).

By default is it usually not "due to sin" but can be in some cases (not yours however). Some example: smoking/drugs, drinking.

However, like iniasone quoted: John 9:2

Don't let the devil deceive you. He lies and wants you to be contrite which in the end will hinder your growth with GOD and affect others negatively. Just praise GOD for all you have and give it all to Him. No one loves His children more than He does.
Iniasone, thanks for putting that verse up- it's a good one!!!

Never1977, don't even listen to them. My family has gone through that before. My mom has a long term illness. Lack of faith? Whatever!!!! Look at what happened to Job. He was persecuted, struck with illness, YET HE STILL PRAISED GOD!!!!

Shame on these people who are doing this to you! Special needs children are a blessing from God. I've learned a lot from many of them. May God bless you abundantly for having this child!!!!!

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I have a very good friend who has a little girl with spinal bif. A very difficult illness. Some one told her something one time that has always stuck with me.
that person said "God only gives the most special and precious children to those who are truley worthy of their love." God has a purpose for all of his children. Keep strong in your faith and teach your son to be strong in his.
God will answer prayers for you. You just have to keep listening.
I am not a parent but I am 16 yers old and I have speacil needs. You see I have developmental delays, speech delays, asthma, lerning disorders, in speacil educaton classes and theres other stuff that I have gone threw. At 2 days old I stopped brething and was haveing seziures. My parents look at it as I am this way becuse one day the Lord will use be in a very speacil way that none of us are sure of yet. I look at it that way also. Although it is tough we get threw it and we pray that as I get older and grow that I will get somewhat beter so I can take care of myself by the time I am like 23-25. It is realy hard haveing a specail needs child but if the Lord didnt think you could not handel it he would not have given you a specail needs child. Anyway just thout you would like to hear that from a child that does have specail needs....the Lord loves you and he wants the best for you and your child. Bye and God Bless.

God does everything for a reason. I am blessed to be able to work with special needs adults and I think they are awsome. Precious Lambs! I love the fact that most of them are still innocent by nature, don't know judgement and hate of this world. Trust me- they have taught me more than I could ever teach them!!! I will pray for you and remeber you are blessed.For encouragement read 1 Corinthinians 13:4-8
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Physical death for Christians is not a punishment it is a wonderful gift that means you are on your way to heaven! (can I get a amen?)
AMEN! For the child of God there is no death, only life eternal (thats the promise of God)

I am this way becuse one day the Lord will use be in a very speacil way that none of us are sure of yet.
That is a beautiful truth Regina! Amen!

1Co 13:12 Now we see only a blurred reflection in a mirror, but then we will see face to face. Now what I know is incomplete, but then I will know fully, even as I have been fully known.

Mar 10:13 Some people were bringing little children to Jesus to have him touch them. But the disciples rebuked those who brought them. When Jesus saw this, he became furious and told them,

"Let the little children come to me, and stop keeping them away. For the kingdom of God belongs to people like these. Truly I tell you, whoever doesn't receive the kingdom of God as a little child will never get into it at all."

Then he picked them up in his arms, laid his hands on them, and tenderly blessed them.
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Every child I have spent time with that has special needs have a special quality/talent that blows me off my feet. I truly believe that God has an amazing purpose for all His children and those with special needs are special in a way that none of us can ever fully appreciate. As for God's plan for them....amazing.

Your son is special and you are special.

God loves you and Jesus paid the price for sin so you could get to know just how much He loves you. :love:

God Bless You
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Special needs children are just that, Special ! God made them special and they deserve to be embraced by us all and included in our prayers and services! Many churches do not offer, nor do they want to deal with disabled children, nor adults! People shy away from them like they have some contagious disease! I know, because I have an Autistic grandchild who is so precious and funny! She loves to be around others and loves to sing Gospel music! But when I tell some people she has autism, they look at her like a foreign object! I do not believe disablilites are caused by sin! It is those who treat the disabled so poorly and ignore them that are the sinners. God Bless!
Hello .. My Little Sister Shalyn Has Special needs and is also disabled .. i feel what you are going through i may only be young but i do have responsbiblities for Shalyn. I Hope God Comes To your needs and your son's needs too .. If You Wish To Talk Please PM me :) Shalyn Has Cerable Palsy , Special Needs , Epliepsy and ADHD ( attention deffacy hyperactivity disorder)
I am a new christin with a son who is 7 years old who is disabled. I have been told that my son is the way he is do to my lack of faith in the lord. I have also been told it is due to sin in my life as to why he is not being healed.
Just looking for some answer.
OMG! The idiot who told you this has some personal issues and needs some special help from men in white coats. Thats just harsh, and completely untrue.........
Oh wow sister that is so wrong.

My sister inlaw to be ,is mentally retarded and she is a wonderfull precious blessing from God

I watch the Love she has for others and i admire her there is no doubt or hate in her ,she treats everyone equal with love and kindness ,pure innocence and it is very beautyfull

God gave you your son and he is your blessing allow no one to tell you different sister

God Bless xxxxxxxxx

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