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Childhood Memories with Nature

Childhood Memories with Nature


I recall that as a little boy, I used to take great pleasure in finding a hidden place to play all-alone. Somewhere in our two-acre yard, I would find a special hiding place in a friendly apple tree or in Spring growth of tall weeds. Sometimes in the old pump house we called "the fort." There was always some place to go; someplace to reflect on life and what was before me.

Even in the winter I had a special place. The closet in my room was deep and under the stairs, so my older sister and I piled up boxes and hung clothes to conceal the smaller space at the end of the closet, creating a little snugly area behind the things to lay out our treasures.

There is nothing quite like laying down reading a book in tall weeds or flowers in the early Spring sunshine, or just watching the clouds float by. If you need ideas, ask a child about it. Perhaps one would show you how. Maybe you can find a loving old apple tree or growth of tall flowers to find solitude in nature this weekend!

Hmmmm.. I wonder why as adults it is considered a sign of panic or anti-social behavior to find a place to go in search of inner peace. So are we just to wait till we're terribly distraught to find such a place, or should that be considered a way of getting in touch with who we are? It all seemed quite natural as a child.

Telling of God's Healing and Fun Loving Nature,
Telling of God's Assured Love.

Author Unknown

Submitted by Richard

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