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Child of God

Child of God,
Don't you know who you are?
Don't you know your fearfully and wonderfully made
by the One Most High?

You see, Child of God,
When He made you He threw away the mould.
There is no one like you. You are the embodiment of uniqueness
and an expression of His creativity.

Child of God,
Don't you know you are necessary for the progression
of your generation?
Don't you know you are purposely made?

You see Child of God,
He knows every hair on your head.
Do you know He will never leave you
nor foresake you?
Do you know His love and mercy endureth forever?

Why is it that you don't know who you are?
Why is it that you seek to be like everyone else?
Why do you crave the clone identity that
destroys your uniquesness and brings death to creativity?

Perhaps it's becuase you don't know who you are Child of God?
Do you know you are made in His image?
Do you know the power and freedom that exist
in knowing who you are Child of God?

You see child of God,
It's time to take your finger off the self-destruct
button and clothe yourself in the
unrelenting love of your Father.

Draw close to Him and He will draw close to you.
Spend time in His presence. Speak to Him with an honest heart.
How can you know who you are if you do not know The One
that made you "Child of God"?

He is waiting for you to put down your clone image of this world
and take up the image of His Son.

In Him, Child of God,
There is everlasting Peace, Joy, Love and Favour untold.
In Him your uniqueness is your strength
not your weakness.
He declares you a perculiar person,
created to bring glory to His Holy name.

So Child of God,
Seek Him whole heartedly.
He will not make you a liar.
He will reveal who you are
if you would only ask.

Trust Him Child of God.
Lean not on your own understanding
Nor on the lies of this world.
For your Daddy says you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Stay close to Him Child of God.
He will speak clearly,
For He is not a God of confusion.

He holds your life in the palm of His hands.
He longs for you to ask Him...
"Who am I?"

The answer begins... "YOU ARE MY CHILD".

Your Blessed and Highly Favoured.
There's none like you Child of God.
Thank you shortlady for reminding me who I am. :sun: I am a child of the King, and there is no one else like me. WOW

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