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Chatroom music

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by dscody, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Hey all,

    I would like to suggest removing the chatroom music panel. I am in the chat room all the time and I have been looking at this panel and it is very annoying. It is annoying because more than 7/10th of the songs don't work, are blocked, crash the panel, etc. In fact it has never worked right the whole time I have been on the forum.

    Please fix this by removing it! Why remove it? It is easy enough to turn on the radio or open a tab over to Youtube or what-have-you. It is pretty obvious to me that no one is paying attention to this thing now, and will not be in the future, so fixing it now would just be resetting this problem further into the future. And a nonfunctional panel is just an eyesore and makes the site look ill-maintained. I hope that is reason enough!

    Thanks for reading!
  2. You have no ability to tell if others are listening to it or not. A lot of people do use it. If some songs don't work, why not put a little effort to report it? To ask to remove the whole panel just because *you* don't like it is pretty self centered. What about others who enjoy it? What about the convenience of having over 150+ worship songs there?

    Sure, some don't work - just report it and I can fix it. There is no need to remove the whole panel, seriously.
  3. If you read my message carefully, or try the panel for yourself, you'll find that most songs don't work. I'm sorry if it is a hassle to deal with this situation properly but it either needs to be fixed or removed. Or you can just leave it as-is and have your site looking ill-maintained. I guess it is really your choice.

    Sorry for trying to be helpful.
  4. Quit asking me to remove it or fix it. If YOU read my response, I told you that you can simply report the broken songs. Don't complain, be helpful instead and appreciative. Your tone is selfish and far from appreciative. And the site is not ill maintained. You are extremely rude by saying that in the first place.

    Grow up and show some respect.

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  5. #5 dscody, Sep 3, 2011
    Last edited: Sep 3, 2011
    Ok so this whole post is me reporting that most of the songs don't work. I don't understand what the problem is here?

    I'm sorry for my previously terse reply but I felt you were being very rude by shooting me down immediately and obviously not reading it fully and/or looking into the situation like I asked (and right off the bat telling me I'm self-centered??). My suggestion was just a suggestion, suggested for the reasons in the original message. If the result of the situation is unpalatable, that isn't my fault. I know that no one is paying attention to it because the problem exists. Too many songs don't work for people to be paying attention.

    So I guess we can just agree to disagree maybe, and nothing will be solved.

    What else is there? I'm wasn't trying to attack you or the site, just reporting and suggesting a solution. I am the one who feels attacked. Maybe I can 'grow up' somewhere else.

    I don't know this is whole thing is kinda crazy.

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