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Chat... Whats has happened?

I can only here every now and then and today is one such time. I cannot log in to chat it says access denied, as I have not posted 25 or more threads in the forum! And have not logged on for more than 15 days.
What is going on? I just thought it would be nice to stop by again, but it seems I can't, is this now a closed chat service?

Also in my message box is a scam mail perhaps you might have a look at it, before I delete it. Some members might be taken in by it, if they have received it.
Eisor before access to chat now you must have 25 posts made. This rule was made to help stop people who were coming just to hurt talk Jesus. Please post a few more times and you will be able to enter chat once again. There are many interesting thought provoking posts that maybe able to help you grow.

As far as the pm goes please forward it to Chad or any mods so that we can take care of the situation.

Have a great day !

Joyfully ~ Jlu