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Chat room profanity filter

Discussion in 'Feedback' started by MsMree, Sep 28, 2011.

  1. I, and I'm sure all Christians who use the chatroom appreciate the work of the profanity filter. It would be terrible if it wasn't there and trolls were able to come in and blaspheme God and offend others.

    However I have noticed that on many occasions Christians or sincere seekers who have had no desire to offend others or fall foul of the profanity filter have done so, because of the unknown nature of what is on the unacceptable list.

    Not everyone is aware that some of the words on that list are offensive. And there are some words that are only offensive in certain contexts. And when one tries to discuss them legitimately outside of the inappropriate context one will receive the same consequence.

    Also there are some words that are taboo deformations. ("To alter the pronunciation or spelling of a taboo word (such as a swear word) to form a euphemism is known as taboo deformation.") Some people are completely unaware that the filter counts some of these as profanity.

    On the other hand there are some taboo deformations that are not filtered against.

    Would it be possible to get a list put together of the words that are unacceptable in the chat, for new users, new Christians, and old Christians and old users alike?

    I understand if this list can't be posted on the site anywhere, but perhaps it could be made available by request?

    Thank you for your time.
  2. agreed to all of the above!
  3. profanity

    It has been my experience that when copying and posting certain Biblical nations names that the filter deletes the "offending" letters and boots the presenter.
    An example of this is the shi-tites; without the hyphen this word is taboo.
    But I believe the filter is necessary for the purpose it is intended
  4. Maybe in that instance that macca has outlined it would be possible to write an exemption for that word into the code?
  5. I like the filter and think any problems with mistaken profanity ( get it ) are minor and not worth worrying about.
  6. The problem with the filters is that it is not absolute literal.

    So the "f" word for example, one might even get booted if they typed luck (I think anyway) or duck, lol.

    I contacted RealChat (RealChat) many times about this, but their support is horrible. Go tell them about TJ (mention and explain to them their filter system is horrible! Please help me out on this, thanks.
  7. Hey! I will do this for sure, and I will tell others. Glad to know it's not intentional on TJ's behalf. Sorry you are stuck in the middle here. Thanks for explaining it. :)
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    Just had a quick look and found this:

    Profane Word Filter

    When you enable the profane word filter, the Control Center will display two additional controls which allow you to control which words are filtered and what consequences are applied to users who are repeat offenders.

    Profane words list

    The profane words list is a comma-separated list of prohibited words. The filter replaces each word from the list with a mask like this: ---.

    Filtering is processed on the client side, so the original content is still logged on the server side. You may also use regular expressions to define several related words at one time.

    Does any of that help our situation?

    (I can't link the URL cause I don't think I have permission yet, but I can let you know what it is if you need.)
  9. You may send me an email via the contact form with the link (very bottom right of any page on this site, click on "Contact Us".

    I've tried to contact them many times, they never respond back to me. Its a shame. Make a sale, collect and don't provide support for the customers.

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