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Chastity was an Angel

Chastity was a small girl for her age. Beautiful smile gorgeous features . So out going and loved to go to church.
Not many seen Chastity or even paid to much attention to her so not many noticed her torn rags and bruises . The Pastor did see though. The Lord had revealed the pain in her heart but the Lord would not allow him to approach young Chastity . He told pastor that to wait much work would need to be done before that time would come. She smiled at everyone as they walked by . She carried her bible tightly close to her side What some saw was simply a small child that had poor appearance for Sunday service. Some thought well maybe her parents just cant afford to buy her clothes. Then there was a few that saw and just turned their heads because they were disgusted . Pastor prayed for this little girl every day hoping God would show him a away to minister to her . All he wanted to do was pick that little girl up and hold her and tell her God loved her . The bruises she carried broke his heart for he knew deep down inside the pain she must have endured. No one even knew where this child lived or of her family she just showed up every Sunday in the middle of praise and worship way after fellowship. She left before church finished so that she could leave with out anyone saying good bye .
What the Lord revealed to the pastor was the heavy heart she carried but nothing more only told him to wait for him the word . She never went to Sunday school with the others she stayed in the sanctuary in the back row close by the door .
One day Chastity didn’t show for church. Pastors heart filled with wonder and concern. He began the service but he couldn’t keep his mind from wondering about little Chastity . Then the Lord spoke to him gather my children and go to the bank of the river it is time for you to see . He spoke to the congregation and told them the Lord was leading him to gather them all at the river so they all got up and walked with the pastor down to the bank of the river where he was led to go. It wasn’t a long walk but pastor in his mind seemed to be miles and miles away only because he wondered what he might see .
There along the bank they seen a shack falling apart with no windows and a loose door .
Inside the shack was little Chastity kneeling down on the floor beside an old woman that was known as the towns bum. Chastity read scripture to this ole woman and talked of things she heard in church . Pastor stood off to the distance and listened to every word . He thought to his self is this a family member of hers? How can she remember every word I spoke ? The congregation watched pastor as he decided to make his way over to the girl and the ole woman. Tears filled their eyes for they were so saddened by what they seen and never even knew this before . The ole woman was sick and under nourished but she stretched out her frail hand to the pastor as he walked up. Chastity looked up at the pastor and she said these words. I come here every Sunday before and after church. I bring her food and read to her for she cant see the words .
I pick her black berries all the time but my clothes get torn and I always seem to fall on the slippery rocks they grow beside. Pastors eyes filled with tears oh chastity why didn’t you tell me I would have come with you . Pastor patted her head . Then Chastity spoke of how her mom comes when she is away at church but today her mom had to work at the nursing home right down the road .
The ole woman sick and frail looked up at the pastor and said this is the last Sunday I will be here will you please grant me one prayer? The pastor said yes mam how can I do this for you. She told him I want to hear you preach and I am unable to go to your church so I have been praying for God to bring your church to me before I go to be with him . I know it’s a silly prayer when I could ask for healing or something but sir I am 90 yrs old I am ready to go home. The pastor turned to his church and said Let us gather hear and have the word!
He preached for an hour and ended in prayer a lot of the members gathered the ole ladies things they carried her up the river bank . Someone called the ole lady a ambulance where they carried her away . Chastity rode with her and held her hand . Pastor turned to the congregation I can honestly say that Chastity is an angel here on earth maybe we all should be more like her . You never know by the outside of a book what its made of until you take a look on the inside .
Here we all could say we learned a lesson on how to see the heart of one and not the appearance for what is seen on the outside is nothing compared to what is unseen on the inside . For our heart will be eternal and our flesh well it will pass away as the dust the Lord has created us from . Let us remember to love each other for what is on the inside and not what we show on the outside .
The next Sunday Chastity came to church with her mother . They stood up and thanked the pastor for what he had done. As he spoke tears filled his eyes no I am the one who should thank you because I saw what being Christ like really means you both took your time to minister the word to the broken hearted you fed the hungry and tended to the sick . You were sight to the blind . If I ever saw in Angel of the Lord I saw one in Chastity as she sat there and ministered to the ole woman . It was a lesson to all of us we learned how we are to bind together even through the worst So I must say thank you for allowing God to use you for us. One of the little girls from Sunday school walked u to Chastity and gave her a necklace with these words written on the locket . Keep your eyes on the unseen for they are eternal. Then they all went into fellowship with one another Chastity wore that locket every day she never took it off now she is a missionary across sees she continues to minister to others and she works with the blind so you see even though you may not see the whole picture of things that doesn’t mean nothing but a great work is to be .

the end
Dear ForeverwJesus;

Its a blessing to read your stories again! Thank you for sharing, Michelle.

You always enjoyed writing here at Talk Jesus and am happy for you, serving our Father with your gift.

Your servant in Christ Jesus. :love:
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A touch from the Lord!!!

Hi Foreverwjesus,

That was brilliant! Heart rendering, how it should be!

Yours in His Loving-tender-kindness,

I just wanted to let you all know due to many of you wondering if Chastity was a real person this story is totally fictional, but I think there is many Chastity's out there. that is just a charactor in the story.
The person it talks about could be any of us. I have the same dream as Chastity to go and mission over seas in Trinidad and Haiti even Africa .
Right now its Gods will for me to raise and teach my children. I know some day I'll see that dream come to pass but I didnt want anyone to be disceaved thinking Chastity was a real person. lol If any thing I know at the top of my stories I need to add either fiction or nonfiction .
Those of you that have a dream like Chastity Dont you give up! because if the devil cant steal your dreams he cant control your destony !!! Keep believing in what God told you and the calling he has placed over you. your never too young nor too old to serve the Father. God bless each of you and thank you so much for your comments on my stories you have no idea how much it means to me as a writer it encourages me to continue . God bless you your sister in Christ forever
Well I do belive that angels exists and so I dont doubt ur story.Thanx for sharing the story!!!!!