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Chase the Lion / Fascinating

Discussion in 'Introduction' started by Chad, Aug 29, 2007.

  1. You will need Power Point 2003 Viewer (free)

    Click here to download (Windows)
    Click here to download (MAC)

    Then click here to download Chasing Lions and click here to download Fascinating and select "save target as". Open it in your Power Point viewer. Click right arrow to go to the next screen during the presentation.

    This is a power point presentation emailed to me by our member Br.Bear (thank you). Its called Chasing Lions. The second one is called Fascinating.

    Don't forget to share this with every soul you know and love!
  2. That was awsome chad,thanks for posting.God Bless:love:
  3. Incredible!
    It's time to do, whe've been sleeping for too long. Time to chase the lion!

    thanks Chad! it was very amazing :)
    God bless you

    sis Haynaru
  4. Chad, it's amazing... I like it..thanks for a creative post. I hope these members will enlightining what's the meaning of CHASING THE LION and FASCINATING slideshow movie.
    You are a blessing..

    God Bless,
  5. Hi. I had friends who used to chase the dragon. But then they saw the light and now they chase God.
    God can save us all. And so can Jesus.
    Love to all mankind
  6. I was really touched by The Lion...I love that God is for us, and that He protects us with such a furvor.
    As we go out, we can rest knowing that a big, not so gentle lion is with us.
  7. I believe it is important also to know that sometimes the Lion we may need to chase away may be sitting right there in the pew next to us where we attend church.
  8. :love:love u all,
  9. Kittens


    Those aren't lions, they are just frightened kittens who have a habit of scratching at anything that comes too close becuase they are immature and afraid of everything around them.

    I figure either they need deliverance from whatever is making them so "prickly" or I need deliverance from whatever dark spirit is making me so bigoted that I think I'm better than they are. Either way, deliverance comes not by the struggles (or laws, attitudes, or traditions) of men but by the Grace of Jesus Christ.
  10. Thanks Chad.


    God Bles You
  11. Encouraging

    Thank you for sharing this with everyone. It is very encouraging.

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