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Charlie hated God.
Many years ago in his teens he'd been neutral, but as the years passed he'd looked at all the pain and suffering in the world and slowly decided he'd be an atheist because there couldn't be a God to let such things happen.
As the years slowly rolled by, his dear grandparents died, as did his aunts, uncles and parents, some with painful illnesses,and his coldness towards God turned to sheer hatred.
Then, in his old age his beloved wife fell ill with a terminal illness and he tenderly nursed her for months before she too died.
Broken hearted, he himself died soon after, and found himself face to face with God at the pearly gates,and launched into a tirade of hatred against God - "Where were you when my gran was riddled with cancer, i sat at her bedside day and night comforting her!
And when my auntie had a stroke you deserted her too,but i travelled a hundred miles every day to visit her in the nursing home!
And what about my dad, reduced to an empty shell of a man with Alzheimers; i called round every evening to tend to him,where were you then?
And my darling wife withered away before my eyes, i saw to her every need in her final months because you weren't there!"
As Charlie began sobbing quietly,God held out his hand for him to take, but Charlie backed away quickly saying "Don't come near me!" and the ground beneath his feet became slippery and sloped backward, and Charlie felt himself sliding away from God at an ever-faster pace.
He looked up and shouted one last piece of abuse at God - "I gave my dying relatives and my wife all the love and comfort it was possible for me to give, but you just stood by doing nothing! What did you ever give them?"
And as Charlie slipped ever deeper, he heard Gods reply faintly from above - "I gave them you"...
Staff Member
That was very touching thank you for sharing!

Don't mind me, I moved it to Stories forum :)

God bless you