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Chad and Staff and Every One

I wanted to thank You for all the work you put forth into providing this wonderful forum where we can freely talk about Jesus and our Creator. Thank your for all the things you will not allow in here and keeping us all safe. Thank you for all the fellowship we bring one to another and even though at times any of us can run into a disagreement with another - it is awesome how for the most part it does NOT stay that way and in the next meeting we are giving each other likes. That is what I have come to respect and value about Talk Jesus.

So with that said I say this,
I wish each and every one of you a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas full of Gods Love and Joy and Peace. May this new year of our Lord Jesus 2016 be the Best Blessed Year Yet.
Thank You and God Bless
James W
A few years ago in our Church a 12 year old boy came in with his mother, the boy had a crutch because he only had one leg, as they were new members of the Church, many looked to greet them in love and desired to pray for the boy ,the young boy smiled and said " As it is a Christmas Day service the Lord our God called upon me to arrive here with you today, for I am a living example of what Jesus came for, to cause the blind to see and the lame to walk again, for who is in more need?? An unbeliever or a crippled boy? I am crippled but am a believer! I am not sick, you look at me as it appears I have a need,when the real need is for us to be reminded of why Jesus came to us in the first place!"

Upon these words many began to cry, and the Spirit of God reminded me of something spoken by an angel to me on a cold and rainy day." God sends who he knows, and he always knows who he sends!" May all of my brothers and sister have a joyful and peaceful Christmas Day and to remember that upon this day( Luke 2:9-14) let peace reign upon all people for all time!! Thanks all for caring so much about one another!!To Brother Chad and to all here! James 1:17!! for indeed as our Lord taught us all!! ( Acts 20:35!!!) It is indeed more blessed to give then to receive! May every blessing find you all ,and always find you most well in HIM! amen
Staff Member
As I read these postings, it brings tears to my eyes and touches my soul with joy!
Such Brothers in Christ Jesus!

My wonder/longing is to the day, when all barriers, self induced and otherwise are brought down. That we might not only see Him with clear eyes, but each other. With the clarity that only God could have and will provide us through His Son Jesus Christ, which we remember today and everyday in prayer, worship and thanksgiving!

With the Love of Christ Jesus, which is the only love pure enough to let you all know how I feel in this fellowship of believers.
Love you all!
Knowing men like you who Christ Jesus lives in, is an immense blessing to me. I praise Jesus for you all. Your hearts bring great glory to God. You are giants of men to me..
Knowing men like you who Christ Jesus lives in, is an immense blessing to me. I praise Jesus for you all. Your hearts bring great glory to God. You are giants of men to me..

My dear wonderful friend and brother,
Do not ever unestimate the impack and truth that you have and bring into this forum. The devil our enemy may wish to get you thinking that you have nothing to say or not up to par but then again what would you expect from the father of lies and one who hates your Heavenly Father so much that he will do what ever it takes to shut up a faith mouth or stop Gods love and truth from flowing through you.

Brother I thank God for you and your loving ways and voice in my life and in here.
God Bless