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Case for Christ book and now movie!

Discussion in 'The Library' started by Lanolin, May 1, 2017.

  1. Am going to see this movie on Thursday!
    I have read the book. It will be interesting to see how they made it into a movie, am hoping my friend will like it she's been a bit lukewarm with her faith so am hoping maybe this movie will get her going again.

    Has anyone read it or seen the movie? The book is by Lee Strobel and he was someone who was very sceptical about christianity and Jesus when his wife became born again. Because he was a trained investigative journalist he decided to investigate whether the claims about Jesus were true.

    I think he's like a modern day Thomas wanting to know if Jesus is for real.
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  2. @Lanolin
    Dear sister,
    I've read it more than once and give it out (along with the Bible) to those who I feel moved to.

    The chapter on the medical evidence and the interview where the Doctor describes what our Lord went through. I picture this man a Forensic Pathologist giving a straight forward assessment in a very clinical manner that as I read it, always leaves me with tears running down my cheeks. Barely able to make the next word.

    So, you'll have to let us know here how the movie compares with the book!

    With the love of Christ Jesus.
  3. I like how Lee Strobel examined the claims from every angle.
    But for me, what cemented it for me when I was examining and in unbelief was the testimonies of others who were changed when they encountered Jesus. Not just in the Bible with Paul and Mary and Peter but right now.

    One that was powerful for me was a girl told me God stopped her from comitting suicide. Up till then I didnt know God intervened and truly cared cos nobody had really told me what God had done for them and what they were saved from, all I knew was that christians went to church and most seemed really nice and they prayed a lot!

    When I was agnostic I didnt come up heaps of reasons why I couldnt believe, such as thinking well the Bible was not true it was made up because it would be diffcult to make a case that it was all made up and the Bible after you read it could be fiction cos you can go to the places where it happened and everything is historically documented, people dont have that great imaginations! But then you think of things like the Koran, the book of mormon and the bhagavad gita or whatever its called ..well one thing I do know is there isnt really a case that Jesus secretly went to america and set up a new church in salt lake city..
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  4. Jesus is on trial again? By someone who does not know him? This would be an interesting book if it was written by a lawyer. An honest journalist could be good if he was working with that lawyer...The bible is a book of covenants. What do you think?
    An investigative journalist and self-proclaimed atheist sets out to disprove the existence of God after his wife becomes a Christian. LOL I know a Christian brother who set out to prove that....Except he was not an athiest. He was a practicing Muslim.....
  5. @Bendito

    So, how powerful was our Christian Brothers testimony after leaving Islam?

    But if from thence thou shalt seek the LORD thy God, thou shalt find him, if thou seek him with all thy heart and with all thy soul. Deuteronomy 4:29

    And ye shall seek me, and find me, when ye shall search for me with all your heart. Jeremiah 29:13

    What motivates one to start that search is normally as varied as the end result is singular.
    Yet, I love to hear those stories/testimonies!

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  6. He is world renown and speaks strongly for Jesus
  7. Uh, not sure about the lawyer bit...when Jesus was on trial he didnt even have a lawyer. It was His Word and that was it.

    I dont know this book is set in america and laws and the justice system is different in america. I dont know I've never been in a jury, had been called for jury service but not actually been on a jury.

    Come to think of it, dont you need twelve on a jury?
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  8. My point is The book is covenant...A covenant is a legal contract...So to look at it through a lawyers eyes might be interesting.
  9. Are you talking about the case for christ or the Bible?

    The Bible is used in the courts justice system, people need to swear on it. There is really no question that the laws contained in the Bible are of God. I think lawyers actually know this but some are always trying to find ways around it.

    I dont really know as I dont know too many lawyers as hardly had to use them...I think the one my family had was Jewish!
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  10. The thing with lawyers as they dont always have time to write. Journalists are trained to write, thats why so many books are written by them, and because they do it so much they find it easy to be published.

    Although there are many ex lawyers who've turned to writing and some have become famous novelists usually to do with crime like John Grisham.
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  11. I agree...I, personally, do not see lawyers as honest or honorable, so I was talking hypothetically. I have to wonder how an honest lawyer would see the Word....You asked if I mean the Word, or Jesus...Dear one....They are one and the same.
  12. I could ask my cousin who trained to be a barrister although he gave up his lawyer training and didnt become a lawyer himself...?

    I dont think I can ask a real lawyer cos they would charge me too much for asking them questions lol.
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  13. LOL No doubt! Well its purely speculative anyway
  14. I love stuff in secular world that proves Christ was alive and well. Like the 3 hr "eclipse" that occurred when Jesus was on the cross. This was recorded by both believers and non believers of that time, yet in world history the longest eclipse ever recorded is about 7 minutes give or take. Yes the non believers of the day wrote about it as a "eclipse" but we the believers know better. I will have to get this book and check out the movie thanks for the share

    Matthew 27:45
    At noon, darkness fell across the whole land until three o'clock.
  15. Well just saw the movie and they covered a lot of what was investigated in the book.
    it also had what was going on in Lees life at the time he was working at the newspaper and covering a crime story, and how he missed the evidence because he didnt want to see the truth. And also his wife and his children and their relationship which wasnt written about in the book either.

    My friend said she thought he was horrible person at first but glad he became a christian at the end.
    Also we thought seeing it was set in the 80s and they were very authentic with the costumes for that lol.
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  16. I saw Lee Strobel made a cameo in Gods Not Dead 2 movie as himself. He's one of the historical experts called in to defend Jesus..right to exist. I mean nobody can say Jesus never existed, right?
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  17. Sadly, there are many out there still who do not acknowledge that Jesus existed. They've even been here at TJ on and off! I guess part of it is if they can negate his existence. Then they can treat His words as make believe, of somebodies imagination, and don't have to give any validity to them.

    Oh, thanks for reminding me of Lee Strobel's part in God's not dead 2. It's always fun when you can look at a film and know a bit about the person's background/testimony who is in it. I don't know, it just seems to give it a little bit more believability to it. :)

    With the Love of Christ Jesus.
  18. Of course Lee looks quite different from the actor that portrays him in the movie but its the 80s awful clothing and hair styles that just make the film quite..funny for me to watch.

    I like how it ended and told what happened to his family and how his daughter and son became christian ministers as well and also wrote books.
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