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Caring What People Think

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So many insecurities come from a fear of what others think. This is another tactic of the enemy. He knows by nature, we are selfish individuals and he is very good at capitalizing on this weakness to take us off track and hold us back from living freely.

Too often, this fear of what others think comes directly from a problem of judgement in ourselves. We do or don’t do certain things because we fear being judged by others, only because we judge others too harshly.

The enemy deviously leads us into this trap and thus we become unwitting victims of his plan to sabotage ourselves and our relationships by self-centered thinking.

When we are self-centered everything anyone says to us is filtered through our insecurity and we can hear things that were never said. When we pass unfair judgments on others, we condemn ourselves. (Ro.2:1) If we had the knowledge and strength to take a step back, remove the lens of our insecurity, and stop judging others we could save a lot of time and energy.

We need to gain the emotional maturity that comes from knowing our identity. The only way to do this is to take a step outside our own heads long enough to understand the reality that people don’t think about us the way we think they think about us. In fact, some people may be worried about what you think of them.

We must realize the only reason we fear what others think is because we are projecting our own negative thoughts on others, assuming they must think the same as well. If we see ourselves through the lens of our insecurities, we run the risk of thinking everyone else must see us the same way, causing an unrealistic fear of what others think.

None of us is exempt from fearing what another person might think of us and no one is exempt from selfish thinking. We all have an underlying desire to be accepted and loved for who we are. The problem comes when we live under an unrealistic fear that we will not be accepted, and when we allow this fear to warp our behavior and taint the person we were meant to be. We cannot find our identity in what other people think because people don’t think about us the way we think they think about us.

But if you harbor bitter envy and selfish ambition in your hearts, do not boast about it or deny the truth. - James‬ ‭3:14‬

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