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car sale

car sale on the perfect day testimony

My husband and I have been in a trial to trust the Lord for money and a new job which is another story but in the beginning of this trial I had stopped working to be a stay at home mom by faith and we were low on money alot which was very hard on my husband. Everytime it would get bad he would start saying " you are gonna have to go back to work". We had been trying to sell his car for a long time and we had it sitting on a busy road for some time and no one called about it. Then we got a call saying we had to move the car and we ended up having to put in in our yard to sell and we do not live on a busy road ( which i realized later was the Lord making the " chances" less likely so the glory would be HIS) Over some time my husbands stress about our money had gotten so bad that I knew He was gonna make me go back soon so I prayed and asked the Lord to please sell this car by Sunday because I didnt think my husband would make it longer than that. I told my husband by faith not to worry it would be sold by then! Day by day NO ONE called still and on Sunday morining the phone rang and a lady asked about the car! This is it I thought and it is sunday! When my husband told her the price she hung up on him and it looked very bad to my husband but I was encouraged by this and I told him that the Lord could bring a million cars in our driveway that day and the last one would buy the car. A bit later another woman called about the car and she was calling from our driveway! She wanted to buy the car and she said she couldn't believe she found a car for sale because she had been looking around us and had seen none, then she found ours on this little back street.(the funny thing is, this whole time alot of cars were for sale by owner around us but she had seen none!) When my husband took her for a test drive, she told him that she was thankful because she knew God was giving her the car! We had not mentioned God to her at all yet. She bought it that day - Sunday! the day i asked! We prayed the Lord would keep this car good for her and 2 years later it still is. Again the Lord showed us that He hears and comes through.

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