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Captivating by staci eldridge

Discussion in 'The Library' started by Lanolin, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. Friend has asked me if this book is suitable for her mother that her mothers 'ex' has given her...

    I have read it a while ago but wasn't too impressed...for those who've read it, any thoughts? I think the author quoted way too many movies and novels, chucked some scripture in and sort of labourer the point that she thought women needed to be rescued by a man, oh but that man is Jesus, and he's just like Mel Gibson off Braveheart. Uh...
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  2. Have given the book back to the friend and she says she may read it. I don't think can do any harm cos shes mature enough to search scripture to see if its so..,this book just seemed overly complicated to me.

    There is a danger of taking movies too seriously and thinking life ought to be like what it is in the movies, particularly with the messages many movies are sending out these days appealing to the flesh.

    If I could say anything to the author is she spends way too much time watching romantic movies. I had questions about the title too, didnt Jesus come to set the captives free not keep them captive?!
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