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Can't sleep

My wife has a real problem sleeping, every night she can't sleep, if she does it is only for 1 to 3 hours a night. We have been to a doctor, but she still can't sleep.

Dear Lord Jesus we ask for sleep for my wife, comfort her at this time, give her the rest she needs, in Jesus name we ask, Amen.
InHisGrace - Doctors are not usually much help when it comes to
diet related problems, and insomnia is a biggie as it relates to diet.
I am personally convinced all health issues and diseases are diet related!
People have been programmed to pop-a-pill, instead of finding
out the source of the problem and eradicating it.
My belief is pray about all our problems, while asking God to lead us to the solution. :wink:
Just for starters, caffeine is a huge culprit in insomnia,
and tho your wife may not drink coffee, caffeine
has been added to a LOT of foods and drinks.
Without knowing your wife, her age, etc, my suggestion is for a close examination of her diet and lifestyle to find the hidden
culprit thats causing her to lose sleep. There are endless sources of info on the web on the subject of diet and lifestyle, as they pertain to a good nights sleep, and there are also herbs that can help with this problem.
The following link has an extensive list of foods and drinks that contain caffeine if you want a good place to begin.

Let me know how things are going if you will!
I Pray You're Wife Finds Peace When She Lays Her Head Down To Sleep . Write If I Can Help In Any Way ... Big-brother
Chamomile tea is very good to help with sleep. In the past, I have made sure I prayed before bedtime & read my Bible....seems to put calming thoughts in my mind. Praise music very low in the background has helped, or just listening to it before bedtime.

Also, pray with her at bedtime & ask for God to send a sweet, peaceful rest. That is what I have just prayed for her.
I will pray for you and your wife I also myself have problems with sleeping. I found many things play into it such as diet and underlying issues that I have not fully given to God (not saying that is her situation just mine ) I know how it feels to try and live on 2-3 hours a sleep ( I also suffer from nightmares those dont help much either) If in anyway I can help let me know . Thankfull recently I have been getting about 6 hrs a night in 2-3 hour spans (when I wake I pray and it really has helped) God Bless you and your wife!
I will pray

I will pray for your wife, I also have trouble sleeping at night. Sometimes it's stress. For me, my Dr. says my hormone levels are dropping. Depending on her age. Some primrose oil at night and some other natrual things might help.