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canadian air crash

as reported on the bbc

Flames have engulfed an Air France airliner at Pearson airport in Toronto, Canada, after it skidded off a runway while landing in bad weather.
The aircraft, which could have had up to 200 people aboard, was still ablaze well over an hour after the crash.

There is no word on casualties among the passengers or crew of Flight 358 from Paris to Toronto.

Television footage shows the plane, an A340, burning fiercely with thick black smoke billowing out.

The accident took place in heavy rain near Highway 401, one of Canada's busiest motorways.

Emergency vehicles are at the scene with firefighters directing a stream of water at the wreckage.


It appears that the plane crashed through barriers at 1550 local time (1950 GMT) and fell into a small ravine, tail in the air.

The visibility was really bad, with lots of lightning

John Finday
CBC journalist

According to CBC, most operations had been grounded at the airport at the time because of severe thunderstorms.

"There was quite a downpour," CBC journalist John Finday said.

"The visibility was really bad, with lots of lightning."

dear Lord i call upon You to look after and help all the families caught within this tragedy. hold them all close to You dear Lord. love tham all in this time and the aftermath that will follow. be there Lord and love them, so that they may be Yours.

look after the dead, bring them in ge=race and mercy to Your kingdom

look after the injured, bring them comfort, bring them peace in Your arms.

look after the families of both the dead and the injured, they need Your strength in these times, comfort them and hold them, strengthen them with Your grace so that they me be strong with and for You.

loof after the emergency services, they have and are risking there all for others, give them you strength and courage to do this, for without them more would perish and without the compassion they bring the suffering would be intolerably worse for those involved. be there for them dear Lord, fill them with Your Spirit so that they can profess You in their actions today.

be there dear Lord for all i pray, be there

Staff Member
This is very sad. I hope everyone will pray in Jesus' name for the victims' families.

You can only imagine slightly what they must be feeling at this moment.
Praise God! NO ONE'S life was lost, and only minor bruses!

God bless,
Staff Member
[moved to world news]

Praise GOD for this! That is what was rushing through my mind. I couldn't believe a plane spitting in half, turning into a ball of fire would have no fatalities but our GOD is an AWESOME GOD!