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can you pray for my mom?

hey guys, my mom is acting very wierd and i can't stand it... i feel like ending my life and don't have to hear her bugging me all the time! she always scolding me for what i didn't do.... when i sleep with my hp by my side, she will scold me and ask me to off my phone... i really hate it! i just wanna pass one day with her her bugging me.... that day, i went out of the room to see whats shes cooking and she said i was watching porns... when i stay in the room too long she will say i am watching porns! i go anyways, she will say i do bad things! i really cannot stand it!!!!!!!!! can someone pray for me... my heart cannot stand it.... i really wanna end it here... :'(
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spicyjoe....if GOD is on your side who can be against you? Not even mom no matter how annoying she may seem. Do you pray for her also? I will pray for you.

Keep in mind your very young and at your age its easy to let these things get to you. It happens to me sometimes but its no big deal (not my end as I've leaerned 25yrs later).

You just need to pray for her and yourself that GOD may bring inner peace to both of you. GOD loves you and surely does not want you to end your life for ANY reason, not to mention your mother being a pest to you as it seems.

God bless you, in my prayers
Bless you sweet spicyjoe, my heart reaches out to you, and I pray Lord, that you will comfort him in this lonliness and darkness. . .Father I ask for your special blessing to send brothers and sisters to connect with spicyjoe, send him wise spiritual moms and dads to help get through this valley, Jesus, I want to ask you for your Holy Spirit to protect his heart and lead spicyjoe out of these bad feelings back into our community and fellowship with you,
in your Holy Name I pray all this Jesus, Amen :love:

SpicyJoe, I would looove to meet you sometime , you sound great and normal and like all teens who have to battle Goliath. . .

lets learn about how David managed to fight these huge giants in life, I send you all my love and hugs, and pray that Gods finger will touch your sweet heart and face to bring joy and smiles back into your life :love:

your sis in Christ, Dot
I really know

I am a mother, a foster parent, and once a teenager with exactly the same thoughts. I was belted as a child enough that the shearing belt my mom and dad used left welts on me, I was always blamed and accused for everything. All I wanted to do was end my life, and through life I felt worthless because of what my mom did and said to me. Darl Im not gonna lecture or preach but I want you to know one thing that kept me alive was the difference that I would make when I got big. Big enough to leave home. I was gonna change things make a difference and I did. You are a survivor like me. So survive darl and make a difference.
SpiceyJoe, I will continue to pray for you in all areas of your life. When things aren't going well on the home front, it's hard to feel they are going well anywhere. satan knows this & is trying incredibly hard to destroy families. One sure way is in their communication or lack thereof.

You love God, right? You want to please Him, right? He wants you to LIVE your life for Him...be a witness, be a worker. Don't let the devil claim you by talking you into ending your life. When those thoughts come to mind, praise God for the life He has given you. satan doesn't inhabit our praises...God does.

I agree - pray for your mom. I can tell you that as a mom of a teenager, I blow it a lot. My words come across differently than I mean them & I have to say I'm sorry many times. Parents are human like everyone else & make mistakes like everyone else. After you pray for your mom...pray for your communication & your relationship with her in general. Then go & talk with her. If you can't talk, write it down.

The thought may not sound appealing, but if your other thoughts are in ending your life, I'd say give this attempt to communicate a chance.

Sapphire said:
After you pray for your mom...pray for your communication & your relationship with her in general. Then go & talk with her. If you can't talk, write it down.

YES, i sign this one and tell you: It works! written letters from teens turn moms hearts, i have received some myself, always a blessing and a turning point from selfcentered opinions
Sometimes a hidden thought we as mums dont know nothing about, sometimes a hint why our Teen wouldnt understand our reaction, BUT ALWAYS a good start to talk about things :love: thanks sapphire :thumbs_up
thank you all for the help and pray and some tip from moms and people that gone thru this before.... you guys/girls/moms/dads really touch my heart.... i really love you guys (erm, the love thats bor and sis love).... i really wanna meet you guys up in heaven (not now, i mean after my natural death).. so thanks peeps (wish to meet you too), Soldier of God, Sapphire, Popples, Ched and others that preyed for me but didn't post it... :)... i'll pray for my mom and myself for sometimes i ain't nice to my parents....