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Can I share my testimony

I was a Jehoah witness prey. Now I have found my saviour. So I would like to talk to someone about Jesus in some means. Praise God for talkjesus. That I can share it while in the office break.
Registered Member
Jesus is Lord!

Hi, nebubini!

Welcome to Talk Jesus. I would love to hear your testimony.

Your Sister in Christ,
Dr. Bon Vie/"Sylvia"
:love: Hello Nebuini, My name is Duncan, I am a born-again Christian from Wales ! I am glad you have found Jesus in your life, may He continue to reveal Himself to you and give you the grace and love He has given to me !

God bless you and keep you in His true light - The light of all truth and understanding! :thumbs_up :rainbow:
Staff Member
Hello nebubini thank you for joining our family!

Please share your testimony in the Praise Reports forum
I became a christian here on TJ love and Im grateful too for this wonderful chat. Welcome and I know you will love it here and the people too. If you see me in chat I would love to hear your testimony. God Bless
Dear nebubini,
Welcome to talk Jesus. I look forward to chatting with you and hearing your testimony. It is fantastic to hear that you know Jesus as your Lord and savior. He is also my Lord and savior and He has changed my life! Welcome to the family mate!!
In 1994-1998 I was with my husband in confusion because of the Jehoah Witness advice. They used to come home and teach us. Though I disagreed with them in the diety of Christ, I couldn't explain to them how Jesus coequal with the FAther God.
I used to take fasting and fervant prayer to get an answer for this. But in 1998, holy spirit himself started revealing me many things. He spoke to my husband also. He showed us many verses showing the diety of Christ.
Jesus is the Almighty god JEHOVAH. Now without any doubt I can proclaim it. Only Holy Spriit can enlight your spiritual wisdom to understand the trinity aspect.
Praise God. Now we know how great is this trinity concept.
So if you have any friends dying of JW theology, please let me know.
God set me free from that demonic bondage.
Praise God.
With much love
Bini Nebu
Those set free by JESUS, are free indeed for all eternity.

(I cannot grasp this eternity, I guess it's sorta like a forever NOW)

Dave :*)
for we are labours together with god ye are gods husbandry
ye are his building 1cor.3:9 glad to see ya here !