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Can children be 75+% taught from the bible?

On the ''endtime'' farm where I responded to Jesus, the children were

taught solely through the bible or by using it as the back up to the

teachers method/scheme.

Any one had this type of teaching? If so where are you in your''walk'' now?

How did it train you for ''life''?

Do you think it as good a way as any other??

I don't really know because I wasn't there long enough.
I wasn't raised like that either, and I don't know anything in the Bible which says to study nothing but the Bible. I've heard some say that sometimes Paul quotes Greek philosophers.

Christ's Serf
In that environment nearly every school subject was covered using the bible as the basic text & inspiration.
Staff Member
The Bible is the most important thing to study. On the other hand, how will we know knowledge such as math, science, social studies, english (or language reading/understanding, etc), and so forth?

Knowledge as wisdom is from GOD. We need to study other things. Without such studies, we would not have anything we have today, first off technological things (even discovery of radio electric waves which led to every electronic / radio wave operated system you can imagine)

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