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Are there any other avid campers on the site? "mymakersdaughter" is one I know, from chatting with her the other night.

We have an old 77 Apache popup camper and go primitive camping quite often at Tar Hollow State Park here in Ohio (thus, our user name). We enjoy everything that goes along with it: cooking over the fire, hiking and taking the kids fishing (we have 9 year old twin boys and an 18 year old son), literally everything that nature has to offer.

Now, we're just waiting for it to get a bit warmer out to start a new camping season!
I want to take my daughter camping this summer. I need to start scouting for some used equipment.
Hey Tar Hollow Camper, I'm one of those people who loves to camp as well! I like camping on the beach, no mosquitos and beautiful sunsets, or in the mountains by rivers or streams. I don't have a camper, I use a tent large enough to sleep 10 in case my daughters want to bring friends along, and of course tall enough for me to stand in! There is just me and my two daughters and this year we have a dog.

I just learned a great way to pre-prepare food to bring in the coolers and I can't wait to cook over that campfire!

Oh, and JustJan, one piece of advice...don't forget the toilet paper!!!
We paid $1000 for our 77 popup and we love it. It's easy just to keep all the camping necessities in the camper, that way you don't worry about forgetting stuff. basically, we only have to worry about loading firewood and our clothes and off we go. Of course, I'm always doing maintenance/repairs on it, plus keeping it stocked with extra batteries, etc., but I actually have loved working on it as much as camping in it.

Glad to se there are other campers on here to chat with!!

:thumbs_up :shade:
Hello Tar Hollow Camper ... Our family also likes to camp . We just got our seasonal membership at a great place called Lake Candle in N.J. . It's a christian campground with swiming , fishing , boating , and Sunday morning church in the big pavillion on site ! As my 12 year old daughter says , I can't wait to go camping , do all those fun things , then at night sit by the fire and sing [ KUMBAYAH ] . One more great thing about how good GOD has been to us . When you are at the campground , you feel in the middle of nowhere , but really we are 10 minutes from our house !!! What a deal !!! G.B.U.
hey there camping people,
i/we are campers. me more than dear hubby. but he does enjoy it. we are trailer campers.
hope to get back into camping camping, the last few seasons we managed a campground. the camper that i am , i thought oh wow this will be the best job ever, we are retired. well not so.
so any way we are not working so hope to get back to camping. love the fire, meeting people, playing games , you have to be a camper to understand a camper. took my friend on a vacation of camping, she kept asking me would i not rather be home, she just did not get camping. great friend, not a camper.
so have a bunch of camping fun this season.
take care and God bless you.
a camping we shall go!!!!

:thumbs_up I/we camp, my hubby, myself anf the kids. We own a camper and enjoy relaxing at the :ip: lake in the summer time and fishing. Not to mention the marshmellows roasting over a campfire. For the last 5 years, the second weekend in june i've gone with the missionettes,{kind of christian girl scouts}
camping, only we use tents. I gues that's real camping. I'd rather have my camper. We still have a blast. It just really stinks when it rains :umbrella: and you have 40 little girls :girl: and nothing to do!!!

AlabasterBox :girl:

Brothersinarms, that is nice you have a Christian campground nearby! Wish we had something like that around here, although we do enjoy our state parks. Tar Hollow is just what it says...the campground is in a valley full of creekbeds, surrounded by hillsides that are covered with pitch pines. These pines are what the pioneers used to get pine tar from to lube wagon axles, along with many other uses. Even on a scorching July day, it can get very cool in the campground,as it is almost completely shaded, and you almost always need a jacket when the sun starts going down.

Searching, I can relate about the camping thing...you either love it or hate it, there's hardly any middle ground. I too have gone camping with people that they don't even need to say anything, they're hating it and you can tell they'll never come back. Oh well, more room for me!!!

Ah...my favourite adventure is camping. I have always been a camping since before I could walk, I got my hubby into it when we got married. He now loves it and looks forward to it every summer. We try to do 2 weeks camping. One week at the Pinery and then where ever I can think up and coherse him into it. One summer it was a canoe trip in Algonquin Park, wilderness camping. Then one summer up in Kilarney Prov. park, again a canoe trip, hanging the food in the tree was always an adventure. Now we stick to car camping, we have a dog and she would tip the canoe no problem so why risk it? Drove up to Lake Superior 2 summers ago, campsite right on the lake, God made us some amazing sunsets.
The dog loves the tent, she gets to sleep right beside me. She is a tad spoiled as she has her own beach blanket...
Already booked for this summer...only 8 days...need to find another adventure somewhere...

love :love: that picture of your doggie, most campgrounds around here you cannot take your pets, but if you look hard enough you can come up with a hotel that will. I can't wait, we will be moving our camper to the campground near us this month, it stays there for the summer, and we go back and forth. I will be tenting with my daugter the weekend of june 10th. her and 40 other moms and daughters.

AlabasterBox :girl: