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camping trip for missionettes

At my church we are going to go on a camping trip. It is for girls 6 - 17. We do allot of things like crafts,swimming,games,and that Sat/Sunday night we go to this big place in the middle of the woods where we read our Bibles,play Bible trivia,and sing around the campfire. It is allot of fun.
Sounds great! Our youth group camped alot when I was a teen; for me, that was the late70s/early 80's. We had ALOT of fun at those campouts, and have plenty of great memories from them. Enjoy!!

Six more weeks untill you're camping trip ! Get the sleeping bags ready . Brother :love: :boy_hug: :love: :boy_hug: :cake:
Staff Member
God bless you Heavensound. I went to camping when I was your age, froze my butt off but its ok. I'm fine now, 13 years late :D

I hope you have a great time. Enjoy fellowship and praising the Lord!
hi i love camping where is the trip?
when is the trip? i might come with
i have a good idea we could camp out under the
stars and glorify GOD's mighty power it could be fun
Hey Heavensound. You have fun girl. This summer is my last year at kids camp and I'm also going to youth camp. I hope you have fun girl. God Bless you greatly. Bye
Your sis, tanya
I always loves church. And church camp was the highlight of my year. Ever since I can remember I thought about God.I went to a church that didnt preach salvation. I didnt know the Lord, altho I had been in church all my life and told to say "prayers" at night. We were just suppposed to "be good" and we might go to heaven. It was at camp when I was about 10 or 11 that I experienced a great touch from God that became a seed for my conversion later in life.

They told us it was a time of silence every morning to pray. So i walked out in the woods. I was just thinking well what do I pray?? It wasn't time for "Bless this food" -or " Now I lay me down to sleep". My thoughts went back to my younger days when I wanted to be close to God. But they said 'NO people are sinful and HE is holy - you can not come near to God. ' I was heartbroken. At that moment it was like 2 huge arms came down and wrapped around me - it was so warm and awesome!! :love: I felt like I was just melting to the ground. All I could do was cry. And I was saying I want to be close even if I cant be!! But it feels like your holding me now! I want to feel this all the time.

There were not any experiences that great til the day I got saved about 10 years later. Now that is still where I always want to be - in His presence!!
Hey Gloria, that’s so awesome. I remember my first year of camp, it was awesome, I just turned 12. I got baptized by the Spirit and it was really cool. Now this summer is going to be my last year. I am going to make it the best. We prepare the whole week for the Thursday prayer and it’s really cool. Last year was one of the best years. I really felt “holy” and that’s odd, because, what is holy? You know? It was weird, but many things happened. Even if it’s going to be my last year, I’m going to come back and help out. The prayers are just so awesome. And the whole camp itself. We always feel the presence of the Lord. Well ok, I’m done lol, well God bless you all, Tanya
Hey Princess.
I know what you mean- when you get baptized with the Spirit its like being born again all over again and so glorious!!