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Calvary Chapel of Philadelphia in Pennsylvania

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We are going to that church for the next three weeks to see if we like going there so Brian and I can get married before the baby is born.

Love, Diana & Brian
Glad to see you and Brian have decided to get married! God will honor it...and i wish you and Brian and baby all the best.:star:

God bless
That is wonderful news Diana and Brian, praise God! Dont let anything hold you back from obeying Him!

Thanx; I know God will bless us b/c I was in church on Sunday and the baby was kicking me when the lady was singing the songs so the baby liked it!

Love, Brian & Diana

We loved it so we are going back so thats whats up we found the church that Brian and I can attend every Sunday. Our pastors name is Pastor Fran and my foster parents said they were really good friends with that church. We learned that palm sunday isn't about palms its about god's heart to us. :love: :thumbs_up

Love, Brian, Diana and the baby
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