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Calling Evil Good

Isa 5:20; Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness; Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!

This is a verse that has come up from time to time here on TJ. It's easy to pick out the "big" things.
The Liberals say transgender is "good". Homosexuality is "good". Non-binary genders are "good".
Polygamy is becoming more and more acceptable. Bestiality is now legal in some countries. You can even marry your pet. There are movements right now going on right here in the US trying to legalize pedophilia and child-pornography. ... and even some in the "church" are calling these things "good".

But what about the "not so big" things? Some of these things used to be "big things" but we've gotten
so used to them that we don't even pay attention to them anymore... after all "everyone does it".

I rarely go to movies, I try to pick "wholesome" movies but it's getting almost impossible. I can't remember
the last time I saw a movie where it was "married people" having sex. The movies didn't actually show any sex in them, but the sex was "inferred". Is there a single television show on that doesn't have at least one homosexual character on it?

I grew up in the 70's with songs like "Let's Get it On, I wanna Kiss you All Over, She's Got Legs, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Let's Spend the Night Together" .. and dozens of others. I listened to those songs when I was a young Christian and didn't think twice about them. Now when I hear them I think "what in the world was I listening to?"

Country songs... how many of them are about sex, drinking beer or alcohol, or even fighting?

The Hallmark channel isn't so bad is it? Those are "wholesome" movies aren't they? Every single one
has a guy or a girl in a relationship "with a jerk". Sometimes they are even married. They always break up
with "the jerk" and get with prince charming and live happily ever after. That's not so bad is it?

..and what about calling good "evil". Marriage is a man-made institution (false). There fore shouldn't even get married anymore. God is love, He would never punish those who He loves, right? Yet the Bible says the exact opposite.

We have gotten so used to hearing lies we have forgotten what is good and what is evil. We gotten so used to dwelling in the muck and mire that we have forgotten what sin is, and what it means to be Holy.
I think in this generation it started with the baby boomers and rock and roll. They were desperate to repopulate the world after the war. Then someone made the pill wildly available and from the 60s everyone was awash with 'free love'. All those other things stem from fornication, and now anything goes. Its from a wicked and adulterous generation. Children of disobedience will naturally do what their parents did, but even worse, if they arent saved.

Not to say it never happened in the past but christian morals, chastity and modesty were the norm in other eras, and the elders were people you could trust and look up to. Now is not the case, and you need a police check before you go into any caregiving role.
Movies did use to pay at least lipservice to morals, they had something called the Hays code in hollywood, and they couldnt show unmarried people fornicating, or adultery, or if you did they had consequences it wasnt glamourised. But they ended up glamourising it anyway.

That was in force from 1930-1968 according to wikipedia.
amazing how accurate the bible is. Most have no idea that sex outside of marriage is a sin. Even a lot of "Christians" do not know this.
Bac in answer to your question what you were listening to was not God...it was the prince and power of the air. Satan trying to deceive you, get you to fall and tempt you.

Satan tries it on with everyone. What you do is tell the devil to get lost, using scripture, just as Jesus did when he was being tempted. Dont give in. Satan is a liar and he only wants to steal, kill and destroy. Jesus came to give us life and life in abundance.

If theres stuff hes already taken captive and you in bondage to it you just ask Jesus to set you free. If you know the truth it will set you free. Claim Jesus victory today.

In the book of acts the first thing Paul and Peter and everyone agreed on when preaching to the gentiles who became christians was that they tell them to abstain from fornication. Aside from not to eat things that were strangled (cos they were used to kosher meals) but fornication was a really big issue back then as it is now.

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