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calling all artists!

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violet_petal4 said:
I draw Japanese Anime. I haven't really figured out how to color my drawings on the computer and keep them looking good. Can anyone help me with that?
do it in layers!....color on one layer...and leave yer drawing on another!

try out painter...it is a wonderful program...lots of different possibilities!

anima in christian art....cool!...it could reach alot of youth i think!...dont give up!
it takes a while to get going..(lots of NO'S)...but hang in there!

good luck and God Bless!
Just thought i would keep this on the top...

some new ideas, how do you decorate christmas.....do ya put a santa in the yard or do ya put a Jesus is the reason for the season sign in the yard...
just thought i would ask....

it is now the season of the birth of our Lord....how do you celebrate as an artist for the King....

is is ok to have santa...i think so, i luved it as a kid.....the time comes when the kids know...so i dont think santa is a bad thing....as long as we remember why we celebrate....

i hope you all have a great christmas...God Bless You All!....


oh by the way..we put up the tree at the begining of dec. and we decorate the house but not the yard...it cost to much...but if i had the money for it....i would be a real Tim Taylor and light up the whole nieghborhood!

God Bless all and Merry Christmas!
I need some graphic help for my church website, any help would be appreciated, I am willing to pay for the art work
I am a Christian Artist too.
It is my Full time job
I own a Retail Art Store and I am a teacher in Oils and Acylics.
I reside in Ontario Canada.

I think you have a great idea on sharing tips n tricks.

I'm in and lets hope there is more response :)

Have a Creative Day!
:bot: wow, nice to see this thread!
I love art aswell, I used to do sketches & painting.. now I only do art graphics in photoshop...
I miss it, I guess I have to the classic way once in a while.

God bless you all.

Ricky, I'll be glad to help you in anyway I can too. Message me. :)
Pamona, I hope we live near I will definitely enroll in your class. :)

I hope you guys can include me in prayers, Ive been wanting to go back to college & this time take FineArts, but due to our financial status recently, I still cant. I hope in God's time and will though. :) Thank you.
Hi TrueHearts,
Sorry I am not on this site as much as I would like to be, Time flies around here :)
I teach Online , as well in our Professional Studio.
you can view my websites at .......for All of my Art Classes available.
and........ for All of Your Art Supplies.
We are ending the Winter /Spring season and are gearing up for Plein Aire classes during the Summer months.

During the summer months I am busy preparing for fall/winter/spring classes :)
So these 4 months I am dedicated to this , hence that's why I am not online a lot.
I am also a Graphic designer and Web designer and take care of all my websites personally.
(Wish there were more hours in the day LOL )

Take care and God Bless
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