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Call me "T"

I found your site just a few minutes ago while surfing the net. I am not unfamiliar with Christian message boards. I attend a few.

I live in the state of Washington. Just north of Portland, Oregon. I serve in lay ministries for 14 years within the Assemblies of God, then moved. I have attended Mainly Baptist churches or Calvary Chapels since I left the AoG. I am attending Calvary Chapel now.

I am married to a wonder man who is not a believer. I say that only under the grace and mercy given through Jesus christ in my marriage for it wasnt always easy. I minister to unequally yoked believers and counsel many young marrieds.

My ministry within the AoG denomination included choir, worship team, worship leader, womens ministry leader and teacher. The past 5 years my ministry has included ministry online.

I have two grown sons, one married with child, and one in the Air force. Also I have one younger son still at home.

I am an avid reader. I study the word of God daily. I write poetry and devotionals.

I call myself a Bapticostal because I am to pentacostal to be baptist and to baptist to be pentacostal. This is why I fit in so well at Calvary Chapel.

I do hope to minister and befriend you all in Christ. I shall check in often, as i do on other sites too.

Lord bless and keep you all .

DeeperStill, aka T.
Staff Member
Hello sister (please update your gender, it is on male :)

God bless you and welcome to Talk Jesus.
Welcome to Talk Jesus.

Hope to see you around and get to know you better.

Your sister in Christ,

Good Morning and Thank you all for the kind welcome. I will try to update that "Male" gender thingy soon. It's Morning here, 8:26 am, Sunday. I will check back later today...

Lord bless you all

Welcome to TalkJesus T . Enjoy the site and all the great members . Peace to you . Mike