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Calamity Avoidance

Staff Member
Those who guard their mouths and their tongues keep themselves from calamity. Proverbs 21:23 NIV

Yesterday you learned that the tongue can destroy. Today's verse shows that God wants you to take responsibility for what you say. He wants your words to be trustworthy, but that can only happen when you cooperate with God.

Your mouth can get you into trouble. God wants you to stop the speech that hurts before it's ever spoken. He wants you to live in such a way you don't have to regret a poor choice of words.

You will fail. You will say things that damage. But each situation brings a new opportunity to show wisdom by guarding your mouth and listening before you share opinions.

The word calamity is described as "an even causing great and often sudden damage or distress"-in other words, a disaster. This is what it's like when you speak thoughtlessly in the hearing of others. Today's verse says this kind of damage can be avoided when you're willing to seriously consider ways to keep your words from causing trouble.

Prayer: Lord, I want to follow You so completely that the words I speak mirror what I'm learning and not the frustration I may be feeling. Help me to guard my words and avoid the disaster of broken relationships and wrong thinking.
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