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Business trouble

Staff Member
Please pray that this major issue I have with my business will be resolved. I know GOD can change anything, but the problem is the people who refuse to change.

Recently I signed a contract with a new colocation (data center) company that promised such great deals, support and so forth. I went back and forth with them over email, phone for a full month planning everything out. They were awesome, friendly and on point to make things work.

When I finally signed the contract, we started to get things going. I sell web hosting, just to clarify where I am getting at. So, I purchase about 45 servers from Dell, through them (the company I signed with). They purchase in bulk and pass the savings to me. Now, it took two weeks for them to fulfill 35 orders when it should have been no more than 5 business days by default.

I lost my biggest client and several others due to the delays. I have been emailing them recently and they are now starting to ignore me. I went through hell working around the clock to transfer over 35 customers from the old data center to the new. It took a lot of grief and some financial loss.

One client has dipusted a $162 charge with Paypal, went to a very popular web hosting forum to mock my company and as ridiculous as some people can be, they believe what they hear instantly. On the forum they bashed my company and repuation.

It took the new company an additional week to apply hardware upgrades that were / should have been done upon server setup in the first place. It took them another week to activate a popular software called Fanastico, for all the servers.

I got a major backlash from customers and it hurt me bad. Now, after all the planning and grief of transferring clients over, all the excitement of taking my business to a new level - has gone nothing but down the tube, *almost* literally.

I am not getting responses from them now and they are not returning my phone calls. Something is not right and I am really desperate to get out of this hole. I wish they can be a little more professional. They are not a small company either. They have a nice client base and buying power as well.

I guess I'll never understand the major stupidity of people who cannot be straightforward, honest and professional. Its such a shame. If only GOD would grant me the favor to throw them all in a room tied up with poisonous rodents.

Yes, unfortuantely I am that mad right now. I try my best to keep things cool, but after emailing nearly 100 clients and literally forcing them to move over (requires cancelling old server, purchasing new one and waiting several days while they have already been charged)...this is what I get. Whether we resolve our matters or I get a lawsuit going for all the damage done already to my business, there is a mess either way. Lawsuit = lengthy, grieving and frustrating. Resolved = the distrust remains and the sour feeling remains.

I'll never know the nonsense of empty minds.

Thank you in advance for your prayers.
Chad . I am not only praying for you , but I also am a partner with you ! I am willing to do or help you in any way that I can ! Please let me know how I can help you , know matter what the cost ! I will not sit by and allow satan to destroy you're work at talkjesus , or anywhere else ! Let me know . Mike Sawyer [ Brothers In Arms Ministries ]
I will pray

I have prayed and will pray Chad. Know that he's carrying you and he'll hold you close at this time.

Love Sleepy
Goodness Chad, it all sounds like a HUGE mess you are dealing with! You are a very intelligent person, and I know that God's favor will bring you through this! I as everyone of your TJ family will be praying for you and your business. We know you are a man of great integrity and faith, and we are here for whatever you need.
God BLess You!
Chad, i will keep you in my prayers also! I wish there was more I could do for you, but just know that God has His hand in this, no matter what the outcome is.
I will pray for you. God will help you but you need to have faith. God loves you and will always be with you.
Staff Member
Thank you all for your kind prayers. I am still having trouble with this company and it seems to get worst. I am really disgusted by their behavior and lack of professionalism.

I really hope to GOD for a way out of this mess. I went through hell and back over this nonsense already.

God bless you
Chad even tough this is the first I responded (even though I thought I did opps..lol) You are in my prayers brother now and before. God Bless You
Just keep holdng on

Sometimes it is so hard to see what is in the other hand but do believe this one thing - God will never take away something without giving you something better in its place.

Cheer up-Praise Him!
Chad my brother,
He brought you to it, he'll bring you through it! Just keep that in mind and always trust in him.
Satan need not attack those who walk in sin without the coverage of the blood of Jesus Christ. He already has them right where he wants them. It is those who come to Christ that Satan will work hardest to reclaim. Soooo...I guess this means that you are doing something rite! :thumbs_up Cuz Satan sure is putting in some overtime in your professional life.

God bless us all,
Father I ask you to intervene in this business situation. You know all things and what the best solution is. Nothing is impossilbe for you. No weapon formed against Chad shall prosper. When the enemy comes in like a flood you raise a standard against him. I ask you to give Chad wisdom and insight. Help him to keep his eyes on you and walk in the Spirit. Show him Lord what you want him to do and say.We give this situaion to you and ask that you move by your power. We are trusting you Lord. Chad is more than a conquorer in Christ. We have authority over the enemy and he is defeated concerning this. We thank you Father that you are taking care of this situation, in Jesus name - Amen.