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Business issues

Staff Member
I have been working the past month to take my business to the next level with a new company out in Iowa. I have purchased over 40+ Dell servers last week and my customers the same from me (lease) where they paid pro-rated fee for April and cancelled their old server that will all go off by 4/30/05 and their data lost if not transferred over by then.

I need your prayers that GOD will make this work asap and have Dell somehow ship put my 40+ servers by tomorrow so that I wont' lose thousands of dollars and many customers who have been impatiently been waiting for a full week by now.

There is a big dealy with Dell due to their "end of quarter sale" which got me gridlocked in a horrible position.

Pleae pray that GOD will make it all work and that nothing goes wrong, no clients affected negatively.

Thank you for your thoughful prayers!
Staff Member
I love you guys. I thank GOD for every and yes strypes, perfect verse (as any area) for the righ tday :)
Chad ... God will uphold you ! You are a man of integrity , full of Gods favor ,and blessings . God loves an honest man and he never forsakes his humble servants ! You are in our family prayers every morning and night . We love you and thank you for all you do . Mike , Mary , Christine , and Joel . :love:
Staff Member
Thank you everyone for your sincere prayers. I am very very very grateful for sure. Been under some serious stress that I haven't had in a very long time, praise Jesus for that.

I know I have everything in life I could ask for, very grateful for all I have, above all salvation (the #1 thing that cannot be topped off) through Jesus Christ. I know there are millions who have NOTHING at all and GOD is my witness that I ache for them too.

I just need prayers as anyone does during any trials of life, the human desires we all have.

Thank you and God bless you.
Our bible class last night was about true faith and we read Psalms 9, 27 and 40 Chad.

The key things we concluded were this...

For faith we need to wait patiently on God
Faith comes after we use up all our resources
The opposite of faith is fear
Faith starts with looking at yourself and ends in looking at God
Faith requires positive action on our part.

It is easy for us to advise and try and assist you, but I sense the only One who can truly help you.

Strypes verse was a good one for you and I will give you a second scripture..

Hebrews 11v1 (new century version)
Faith means being sure of the things we hope for and knowing that something is real even if we do not see it.

God bless you and keep your eyes on Him