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Burkina Faso outrage

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BBC News - Burkina Faso: Attack on church kills at least 14

My dear Lord God, I pray for my poor beleaguered brothers and sisters grieving at the insane murder of worshipers in this North African country, particularly for members of the congregation and immediate family who must be devastated at the senseless murders of these twisted insane deviants that fulfil Jesus' prophecy in John's gospel, 'They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.'

Please God comfort the mourning, and bless with a special blessing these persecuted brothers and sisters. I pray that they will know that we are standing with them in love and adoration.


Staff Member
Sadly, this is happening too often.

I share your words going prayers Heavenward to the Mercy seat for His intervention. In the name of Jesus. Amen.


Hi all
We have just had in London another attack on our freedom of which
two people died and six injured. The irony is that the people killed were
actually helping this monster at a rehabilitation meeting, actually trying
to help him.
The common denominator of these atrocities is that the Quran says,
Kill the infidels ( anybody that doesn't believe in what they believe)
and you will go to paradise, with a reward of virgins.
The system tells us that they have been radicalises, no their book tells
them to do this and they believe it as it is taught by their leaders.
They have an agenda to takeover the world.
They murder all these innocent people throughout the world, but it
changes nothing.

I pray for all the victims families for peace and forgiveness this Christmas

With Love, Wnl