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Brother-in -law back on heroin

I'd appreciate if you would keep my brother-in-law , Brian, in your prayers. Or, at least keep my wife and I in your prayers in how to handle this.

Brian, my wife's brother, is lucky to be alive; we thought he'd be dead by last Christmas. He was a user but got checked into rehab this past January. He then transferred to a real hard "get tough, in-your-face" kind of rehab house designed for breaking the toughest of drug habits. Kelly and I spent many Saturday mornings this past summer visiting Brian and many of the others in this rehab program. He graduated from the program at the end of August and moved in with his girlfriend. We just found out this past week he was using again. He told one of his other sisters, who told Kelly. At rthis point, Brian doesn't even know that We know he's back on heroin.

Not even sure how to pray for this myself. He's lied to us in the past so many times, I thought this addiction was finally behind him. I had told myself that if he goes back to heroin after the program then I'm done supporting him. Now that this has happened I'm not sure of where to even stand at this point.

He said he's a Christian but at the time he said that, in 2004, he also was supposed to be clean when we found out he wasn't. (and I know we as Christians aren't supposed to be judging others, but shooting up heroin isn't exactly being Christlike). Much more to talk about but I'll stop here; don't want this thread to get too much longer.

If you have friends/relatives who are also experinecing an addiction please respond; maybe we could have our own little "support group". Thanks, Bill
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Wow Bill, thats tough stuff to deal with. I can some what relate my brother and dad are the ones on drugs and are alcoholics. So I know how hard it is to see someone you love basically killing themselves. I will remember you and your brother in law in my prayers. May God Bless you and your family. In Christ, Natashia
Dear Brother I ask God to Bless and protect you all this night. I pity the poor addict as he is so challenged. Drugs are the work of the enemy and we must beseech God to show your brother in law the way. Many recovering addicts are lead out from the darkness through prayer. May God grant him the strength to face this dreadful problem. Amen.

I will also pray for your brother-in-law. I lost my uncle to this awful drug. He battled it his whole life. He was 9 years older than me and as far back as I can remember he had a drug problem. One by one all his friends lost the battle to this drug. It is a shame, but we have to remember that the bondage is so strong and without people praying for him he will never be free. I know in our hearts we go from wanting to help, to we are done. It's because we see the despair that this brings. I always tell people drugs not only hold the user in bondage but everyone who loves them. Nov. will be 3 years since we lost my uncle. I miss him and all that he could have been.

Please don't give up on him. Prayer may be your only and best route at this time.

If you can get through to him Teen Challange has a very high success rate. One of the highest in the country, mostly because it is completely centered on the Word of God, morning, noon and night. Check them out, they have houses all over the country and they are just not for teens. The woman I know who went there has been drug and alcohol free for 13 years. She was in her 30's when she went.

Your sister in Christ,
AlabasterBox :girl:

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Heroin is probably the most difficult drug to be released from physically and perhaps mentally. It is a physchological thing as well without a doubt hence why the users have such a hard time coming off it. Very demonic.

I will keep your brother in law and you/your wife in my prayers. Be faithful brother