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Broken Promises

I Believe I broken a promise to GOD, and have taken the name of GOD in vain, and don't believe I will be found guiltless. I didn't mean it. I had a bad habit of saying GOD I won't do this or that or if I do this, GOD do this. I would say GOD I promise I would not do a thing that's bad, I would say things like that out of desperation, I believe I have broken some of those promises, now I don't believe I can be found guiltless. I get nervous some times I have ask for forgiveness, but I don't GOD can. I need help,
Hi Apple, you're wrong, ya wrong, ya wrong! God is not disappointed with you, when He called you, He already knew you , your past, present and your future, and yet He still called you. More than that, He absolutely loves you so much that when it comes to a choice between His only son and you, He chose you; His son had to die.

He knows that your promises are not worth the paper they're written on. He didn't choose you because you're amazing, reliable and dependable, He chose you because He loves you both as you are and as He wants to make you.

Please, please, please stop beating yourself up over what you see as your shortcomings, and celebrate and revel in His love for you. So what about your future? The answer is, wallow in God's love and blessings. Seek continual improvement and a closeness to God and His son Jesus through the workings of the Holy Spirit within you and reading more and more Bible and most importantly, prayer.

So please stop punching your faith but instead celebrate it.


Dear Lord God,

Sometimes dear God, we come before you, look upon you and we feel so inadequate that we're uncomfortable in your presence. Please God banish those thoughts, they're not from you, they are from our enemy. Please God give us the wisdom to see Satan's impersonation of you and to totally reject that.

God you want each of us to grow into you, filled with your Holy Spirit. Our love for you and His changing influence in us will make us more like you. Open our lives God, push aside any barriers and just take over Lord.

Finally Lord, forgive us when we slip up but help us to learn from our mistakes, and not allow them to get in the way of you and I. Help us to appreciate the power of your forgiveness God, that started when we gave ourselves to you but didn't stop there.

Thank you Father God for your forgiveness and your love for us.


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