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broke my ancle

broke my ankel

I was playing soccer,with my boy and kick the ground ,it broke and swelled up real big .that night I went to bed in pain .the next morning I awoke and it looked worse than ,the night before .I sat on the conch for a while ,I could not touch the floor with it ,because the pain was so bad .I said LORD ,YOU going to heal this ?He said ,you going to walk in faith ?I said yes LORD .I got up ,it really hurt .Then started trying to walk .The more I walked the better it felt .the next day I was working on a very deep roof and had no pain .Yet it looked just as bad as ever .But He did the same kind of healing when I shot my foot ,many years before this .
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God Is Awsome And I Loved The Testimony , But I Got To Tell You , You're Cracking Me Up ! Shot You're Foot !!!!!! You Have To Fill Me In . Dont Feel Ashamed Of Shooting Your-selfe In The Foot . You're In Good Company ! Curly , From The Three Stooges Did The Same Thing And I Love That Guy ! We All Have Some Good Stories , So Tell Me More . Heres One Of Mine . I Visited A New Friends House And Asked To Use The Bathroom . So Whats The Big Deal You're Thinking ? Well When I Sat Down His Toilet Seat Broke !!! God Can Do All Things , But He Left Me Hanging On This One . Anyway , My Advice To You Is , Please Be Carefull And Always Travel With An Extra Toilet Seat!!! I Know I Do . Hahaha

spirit1st said:
I was playing soccer,with my boy and kick the ground ,it broke and swelled up real big .that night I went to bed in pain .the next morning I awoke and it looked worse than ,the night before .I sat on the conch for a while ,I could not touch the floor with it ,because the pain was so bad .I said LORD ,YOU going to heal this ?He said ,you going to walk in faith ?I said yes LORD .I got up ,it really hurt .Then started trying to walk .The more I walked the better it felt .the next day I was working on a very deep roof and had no pain .Yet it looked just as bad as ever .But He did the same kind of healing when I shot my foot ,many years before this .

Dear Spirit1st,

Thank you for your wonderful testimony, brother! God is not done with you.

You are needed spiritually, yes, but physically too. We never know when a situation may rise when our physical health is needed at any given time to help, once again, giving our Father all the glory and honor!

Big-Brother, lol! You are one of a kind, bro! Funny testimony!

I love you both.

Your servant in Christ Jesus.
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"Please Be Carefull And Always Travel With An Extra Toilet Seat!!! I Know I Do . Hahaha" LOL! Very funny Mike! :eek:mg:

Brother Gary has wonderful faith!

Praise the Lord Brothers!
I thank God for your healing spiritIst.
God is and allwas will be in control.
I was reading what Big Brother said
and started LAL and took a deep
breath and smealed something burning.
I went to check it out and found that
i had let my tea bole dry and the tea
bags was all most burned up.
Thank God for laughter .

Serving God with joy
Your sister in Christ Jesus
I shot myself in the foot when young ,They were having a lot of rapes ,So I thought my wife could protect herself,She was taking a shower ,I start seeing how fast I took get it off the nite stand ,it went off ,I wondered where the bullit went .Then I looked at my foot ?It had a big black spot ?I lifed it up ,with my hands .And then blood shot past me .I said oh no .I hoped the the bathroom door .Told my wife I shot myself .She said ,You keep playing with that gun ,you really will .I looked down ,And said .I really did .She opened the door and ,I had to catch her .More ,but really silly ?? Anyway I drove to the hospital and passed out ,a few times was losing a lot of blood .more to story ,leaving out ?Then the doctor I had ,was the miami ,dolphins ,team doctor .He told me ,I would never walk aggain or walk with a bad limp .I went to his office got another x-ray ,about a week after seeing him in the hospital .He did not believe in GOD .But my new x-ray showed the bone back in ,still looked bad ,But anyway ,he got mad ,at the nurse thinking she must have mixed up the x-rays ,but I said the LORd healed me and He said there is NO GOD .I said ?Did ypou put the bone back ?no he said .Did I ?no he said .DDid it grow back ?No HE said .I said then the LORd did it .He went nuts for a time ,knocking all his papers off his desk and knocking things down .Then ,HE staredout at the sky .The nurse was shaking bad .She asked to leave .He told her to get out .I waited a time .Then said can I go ?He said yes and never come back !I said o.k. I would like to tell how the LORD took care of my wife ,child and me .But I think some would not see it as a blessing .But muy wife had just had our baby and could not work .
When this took place.My wife had just had our boy.She could not work.I had also broke my hand and had the shot foot .We had no money but 8 dollars.She said ?What will we do .She was bleeding bad and ,I could not get around well.I said ?I"ll go to the dog track.She said ?You nuts.I left and went .Parking accross the street ,because I did not want to pay the parking price .I hopped across the parking lot .Sitting down a lot .People went by in cars cursing me and yelling.Every place my foot touched left blood.I got in .Got a ticket and hopped to the cash window.The guy ask if I had a ticket from another day .I said no .Waiting on this race to cash it .He laughted and went and told his friends .They all laughted looking at me .The race ran .I won .I cashed my ticked ,hopped back around and sat down waitting for the line to leave.Did this 3 or 4 times .Had enough to pay our bills and get milk for the baby and food .That friday I had 20.00 left .Told my wife I would go back .I did won every time .Got a couple hunderd and went home .Did this ,I think 4 times .The last time I won the 1st 3 .then lost and did not go back again .But I had no one to help me ,but MY LORD JESUS CHRIST .FAITH MOVES THE MOUNTAIN .I am 58 now .But this took place about30 years or so ago?
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I too am broken!!!!!

I have broken my hip bone, and got a plate and screws in it now, happened only 2 weeks ago, taken straight to hospital, in no pain, except for like a dull toothache description, but not pain, more a nagging, thought it was badly bruised or staved, as couldn't put it to ground, Xray went up farther down room, my husband said (he's not saved....yet) someone has broken their hip by that Xray I said poor love must be in some pain we both looked around and decided it was this woman opposite us, then the doctor came to me and told me 'you've broken your hip, theres a chance the blood flow might be cut off from it so we're sending you straight away to another hospital, we are doing your bloods for speed so they can operate straightway'
God is still on the Throne and he will look after His own, that came to mind straight way.
also in the ambulance to other hospt. praise hymn 'He gives strength to me as I worship Him and my heart is filled with praise, Jesus breaks the bands as I raise my hands, he gives glorious Victory, I am blessed I am blessed, everyday of my life I am blessed from I wake up in the morning till I lay my head to rest, I am blessed, praise the Lord, I am blessed.'
kept singing this over in my head not audible and I haven't heard or sung that for well over a year.
Next morning doctor came to see me, went over all, broken, in, diagnosed, operation same night, and said, 'now that's how it should be done'
see here again,,,, God is still on the throne and he will remember his own.
first night apparently I was singing His praise, unbe known to me, don't remember it at all, patient next to me Mary told me I was very melodic, (think that's good :thumbs_up ) she said was very soft singing and when she listened she realized it was hymns
second night
had a revelation from the Lord, about SALT being the salt of the world always gave me a big hang up and the Lord knows it so he choose to reveal to me that it is okay to be a small holed salt shaker, sprinkle a little here and there don't have to be a heavy handed one, which I thought, that lifted a great burden I can tell you. :thumbs_up
home in 5 days, doctors couldn't make up their minds weither to let me toe-bear or not, then they decided no weight bearing at all for 3 months to give it a chance to heal, as in 1-2 years bone could die and I'd need full hip replacement,
oh didn't tell you best bit, said i was TOO YOUNG for that a full replacement at 52 it is nice to hear that as it does not be told to someone of that age your too young, no, you can only dream bout that now.
well now all and sundry are especially hubby that you must keep using the 2 cruches, as I tend to use 1, and lean on fixed leg, which I'm told to keep off, but I feel a leading to do it, and theres no pain, God's people are praying for me I dont want to ask for self healing if it is the Lord's will for me then he will undertake, He can turn every situ to his Glory and good, as He will this one, I have had answered prayers and as His ways aren't ours, praise Him there not.
I asked to be risen up early each day, I NOW AM,
to fulfill my day, IT IS
give me energy, HAVE, LOADS, and takes much perserverance these crutches, and I want to do housework even incapitated as I am, before it was a struggle and a half heartedness
lots more besides.....
but....what do I do ?
reading your stories, puts me to shame spirt1st :confused:
you just went ahead and believed I'm being told by all and sundry DONT and 2 of them are my parents who are saved.
I go back to Fracture Clinic on 22 June so pray that my miracle will have taken place to show them of their unbelief.
sorry so long a post but didn't know how to tell a shortened version
5 days later, after
spirit1st said:
But I had no one to help me ,but MY LORD JESUS CHRIST .FAITH MOVES THE MOUNTAIN .

Glory to God!
Awesome expressions of faith!

gerlene burnt the tea on this thread, and I burnt the pancakes!
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This is great. I need to learn to exercise my faith. I sort went ahead of myself at the gym (I do this often) and pushed my limit (faithfully) with the weightlifting. I hurt my hand, way to be healthy eh? LOL

Anyway, my hand still hurts now. I dont' necessarily think about asking GOD to heal it for whatever reason. But I did. I think I'm not taking the prayer seriously, sad to say. I dont' know why but I do believe GOD cares about the tiniest things as much as the greatest issues in our lives.
Wow, that is amazing! God is Good! God Bless you.
You know, the devil tried stopping me the other night by presenting me with a sickness as some know, but I went to church anyways, and now I am better. So it is all good when it comes from God! Sometimes we have to sacrafice our praises even when we don't feel like it.

God Bless you
Sis in Christ:love:
YEs ,HE cares about everything,as little things can become great problems.HE wants us to ask in all things for HIS help.Just as we want our kids to ask .We wait to bless our kids .HE waits to bless us .
I think all healings ,are just a person crying out for mercy ,believing they will be healed .as well as most all miracles we recieve.When we have no one else to turn too?We turn to HIM .HE in return ,says ?My little one needs me!
No matter how big we get ?We are still HIS little childern .HE SURE LOVES US ! :love:
This is one of those times when things we read or hear just are NOT coincidences.I read here about healing and this is a story about a sister who has no doubts about the God who heals. This past week my dear friend who has so very much faith that I have a hard time understanding her. She had cancer and lupus when she was 17. She is 30 yrs. old now. She has been hurting and could not breathe. She went to the e.r. she told the doctor her symptoms, but followed this by telling him she was healed by our Lord when she was 17, and not to tell her she had lupus...she just needed something to help her breathe. The doctor was furious. told her to go somewhere else.He did give her prednisone pills to help though. She has a very , very stubborn nature and at times I feel she is not being too terribly smart. With all the sincerity I had in my heart I asked her if she could understand how the doctor would be mad and infact she might have sounded contradictory. She said without blinking an eye...if Jesus healed me13 yrs. ago. why would I think I am not healed now. This is an attack from the enemy, I am feeling bad, he knows this is something I worry about because of my children (which she was told she would never have)...I will yell to the rooftops that my Lord healed me, if I give in, tell the world I am sick, the enemy will have the upper hand. Where is the faith that I have in Jesus? One of those stripes that was laid on Jesus` back was for me!!! and my love for Him will not allow a little pain to make me let Him down and have it be for a servant with a double mind.I am not afraid, I believe in Him and His promises. I have learned alot from this sister. she does have to work on her temper and stubbornness..but i know for a fact that she is used of our Lord to heal, to lift up, exort and preach.
God bless. stacy
Sounds like she has great FAITH!
We are too not lean toward our own understand.And not live by sight!
when I got heal from my ankle ,It still looked real bad.But was great.

When I got shot?He fixed the inside,But the out side looked bad.
When,HE healed my ulcer,I still have a bumpin my belly
When I got cot on fire.I never had a scare .bunt my hand with a torch.And it healed right without a doctor or anything!But was black as black!

I could go on.But the point being.Every thing is not as it appears!:love:
Listen ,Don"t feel bad ,you went to the doctors.The LORD says for us not to feel bad about the things we allow!WE MUST BE LED BY HIS HOLY SPIRIT!I cannot say you were or were not.
HE does not always make it clear ,even to me?But there are some scriptures that have stayed in my mind.And when I get hurt?I think of these.Oh I been scared.But fearing to not trust the LORD!But not every one gets healed!Many are wonderful christains.Better than me!By my judgement.Healing is a hard subject.But I have choosen to put my life in HIS HANDS.So far been find.Even got a few testamonys.They even got be banned a few times!And almost a few more!There seems to be a price to pay,Even in miracles?LOL
GOD has revealed a few things to me.The price?be banned ,cursed ,called all kinds of names.Kinda get used to it after a time.Easier to then be kind to tyhe person or persons.They hates it,when you love then ,for cursing you!
But?I kinda see?You cannot get mad at blind people for not seeing.And if they are christains?The LORd says as we do ,too the least?We do to HIM!
I LOVE HIM.I have failed HIm,too many times.To keep failing HIm on purpose!
I do enough wrong,without ,going out of my way to do more!
Mat 7:20 Wherefore by their fruits ye shall know them.
Mat 7:21 Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven.
Mat 7:22 Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works?
Mat 7:23 And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity.
Mat 7:24 Therefore whosoever heareth these sayings of mine, and doeth them, I will liken him unto a wise man, which built his house upon a rock:

I KNOW,WE THINK,Because we do not have this or that,That we must not be worthy.This is not true!
You know,It took me a long time to recieve tongues.I had many things few have from the LORD.But thought,maybe I was not worthy or something.I prayed and prayed.Then one day ,I went to the altar,I said ?LORD you don"t have to give me anything.Still,I will love you and serve you the best I can.I was broken hearted.But decided I would LOVE HIm no matter what.Then I heard these words.I loked up.No one there .I looked on each side.Then behide me.Then I tried to look at my mouth.I said ?Its me.After that,I could speak these words and more.Always.But At 1st.I was not sure about tongues .Then I did believe.Then I did recieve.You see?WE MUST DESIRE ALL THINGS THE HOLY GHOST WANTS TO GIVE US!He tells us to seek these things .

Heb 4:9 There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.
Heb 4:10 For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.
Heb 4:11 Let us labor therefore to enter into that rest, lest any man fall after the same example of unbelief.
THIS IS WORTH SEEKING.believing we will recieve,once we ask.Then looking for ,what we ask for!That is how we will recieve!Tell HIm,YOU WANT EVERYTHING,HE HAS FOR YOU!Then LOOK FOR THEM.Tell your self.Will I recieve some today.And don"t give up.KEEP KNOCKING ON HIS DOOR!TELL HIM ,YOU want to serve HIM,in the most perfect way!LOVINGLY YOUR FRIEND IN OUR LORD.gary!