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Brief Summary About Gods "Help"

I want to give you a brief summary about what god has done for me the last 3 months..

First of all, I have to say that I am an Exchange Student from Germany... That is the first thing he did for me.. He gave me the unbelievuble opportunity to go to the US even if its really expensive and hard to go through.. I prayed for this opportunity and he gave it to me!!

He gave me the best host family I could have! In my application I did not cross that I HAVE to be in a Christian family, but I AM. That is so awesome this family is deep inside my heart from the first day and I could not be better!! I am so thankful that he gave me the perfect host family!!

Also I prayed to find good friends and guess what? I DID. The first 4 weeks I could not found any "friends" to sit with in Lunch or just talk and have fun, I always had to sit with my host sister.. But now I found really really good friends who are really nice.

I am not really homesick (just a little bit but it does not hurt really bad) and I am just well, happy and this is the best year I can have.

EVERYTHING is going awesome, EVERYTHING!! And I know it comes from God. So many friends and family pray(ed) for me and I see and feel how God works in my life...

Reading your message makes me feel very happy. You definitely depended on the Lord for your exchange student experience, and He is in control and blessing you! And you are a blesssing to read about.

In Christ,
dreamer (Jan)