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Brian's Family #2

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Brian's sister and brothers Holly, Joey, and Markie are selling drugs in his mom and dads house. This needs to stop and the drugs are dope. I think they need to stop running stuff. They are always picking on us b/c they are doing those things and so is his other brother and cousin Jon and Nick. They always be in my business. What should I do?

Hey Diana! I'm sorry to hear about this very difficult situation. How hard it must be to be around these folks. Are these people your friends, relatives, neighbors? What is your relationship to them? If these aren't people that you are obligated to be around, maybe you should reconsider spending time with them. Certainly you should pray for them. If these are not people you are related to or live with, it is probably best to avoid them completely. Ask God to give you some insight and wisdom thru His Word and His people regarding what you should do. Seek Him out regarding this situation and let Him know that your desire is to live in His will and He will give you the answer.

God bless you!
Actually they are my fiances family

We live there and we have to deal with these issues so thats all I can say about that but we are getting help by my foster parents about that.

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