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just pray for me to be strong to not get back with him its hard to do but I rather not go there and also I just want him to visit the baby every month just dont want him to worry about me just the baby. This visit isnt about me or him its really the baby and it took a while for the baby to know who his dad is and we had a four hour visit and the baby got used to him in 30 mins before we left the visit. Also he hasnt seen him in 10 months. He apparently is going to church and reading his bible and he doesnt do drugs anymore he says. :love:
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Diana, I remember well when you left Brian and you did the right thing. It is good and unselfish of you to give time to your baby and daddy.

Be careful and be aware of the Lord's voice. Don't be fooled by appearances and/or human words. Let God direct and you will never fail!

I have never forgotten you and the photographs you sent me.:love:
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Yes Diana,

turn only to the Lord, not only for this big situation, but also for every little detail in your life. As you seek Him in the little things, you will know better His voice for the bigger ones.

Bless you and I pray that you can all grow in His grace and love one another in His grace and for all of you to be blessed by His eternal and strengthening joy....

yes, in Jesus name... amen

Bless you ....><>

Br. Bear
Hey sister thanks for the update, I'm still praying.

God has been so faithful, trust in him.
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Heavenly Father I bring this situation to you today. Lord Jesus I pray that you will lead guide and bless.......in Jesus
Father I pray for your blessings here, lift up this young women, send your wisdom and grace to her. Guide her as you will Lord. Amen

update on Brian

im not still with him anymore i cant deal with him all he wants to do is argue with everything so i just say i cant be with you...

We go through child and youth and bethanna and these are organizations for us to see the baby... we have separate time with the baby we dont do visits together anymore since we arent together my son thinks we are but we arent. he is too young to know that he is 3 yrs old and also we see him weekly every Tuesday 2-4 so thats good for him to spend time with mom and dad.

My son loves the gifts we got him so far: i got him a car set a train thomas the train books and also another car.
Brian got him a train set and his sister Holly got him spiderman books

So please pray for me!!!
I love you, Diana, always have, ever since I met you here:) I'm sorry things have not worked out in the ideal way. I know you love your son though, and I know that if you would continue to seek God's will that God will bless you.

I have made a lot of mistakes in choices of relationships and it affects my children and takes away my self-esteem. God forgives and restores though. I love you, Diana, pm me if you want to.

Dreamer (Jan)


This is Dreamer

i know but i cant do this with brians dad he is too negative and i cant deal with that kind of stuff right now i hate that kind of behavior...

for all the prayers for us and hope things will work as God would want me to have a great life every1

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