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I'm going to be canonised. Brexit doesn't represent me at all. I'm very multicultural. I'm half Irish, and I have a degree in French and Spanish. I've lived in France and also Spain. I'm trying to vote the Conservatives out of power.

I'm not an expert on politics. I would even like to work for the EU, but it's very difficult. A dream career would be to work in the European parliament. It's ridiculously hard to work in the European parliament even if I have a degree in foreign languages. I can't travel easily because I have a child. It could be that it's too difficult to work for the EU and they can't get the best graduates in every case.
I am a bride of Christ. I'm not an expert politician. I'm still a woman. I prefer literature. My husband should do this job for me. Brexit doesn't represent me at all, however, I can see things from two points of view. I'm not fully English trained. I'm a bit Irish, a bit French and a bit Spanish. To be honest, I find some English people unpleasant. They're slightly nasty. They're unpleasant due to slavery and witchcraft. They want to leave and other nationalities want them to leave. This is the truth.
I lead a very multicultural lifestyle. I listen to foreign music, and sometimes I watch foreign films. I can read foreign literature. I can't travel at the moment.
I like listening to these French singers Emmanuel Moire, Indila, Louane, Florent Mothe, and Lara Fabien. I listen to Latin American music. I also cook foreign food, but I'm not an expert chef.

I'm quite foreign. I find some English people difficult which is why they're leaving the EU. Should I be honest? I think it's questionable if they live in accordance with the Ten Commandments. It's questionable if they know the ten commandments and they also have a funny manner. However, there is law and order in Britain. There were some bad people living in Britain, but somebody came in to run the government and impose law and order. The government was well run, but the morality of the populace was sometimes questionable. It's not a bad place to live.