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"Break Down Those Walls"

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An email I got last week Friday and only got to read today and wow seems the right timing too. Just wanted to share it with you all.

"Break Down Those Walls"

Went for a walk had questions in my mind
Wanted to run from my troubles leave them all behind;
Although, running never solved anything for me
I've ran for years trying to be free;

Running I've learned doesn't help me at all
It only seems to build up stronger high walls;
I used to think that keeping up walls was good
I could never get hurt, or be misunderstood;

Now I see my thinking was all wrong
I have to break down those high walls and try to be strong;
These walls were a way of protection for me
Didn't want the hurt to show, or others to see;

The hardest thing in breaking down these walls
Every situation I've been through my heart still recalls;
The suffering, sorrow and pain
Until I face things I'll go through it again;

Lord, I pray You give me the wisdom to work it all out
I pray You strengthen me and help me not to doubt;
Lord, I know not what to say or do
With all these walls I've built how do I break through;
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