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Staff member
Greetings Community,

Hope you all love the new bright white theme you see now. I spent a week with the mod team tweaking and getting feedback to make this the best theme we've ever had, and the nicest among any Christian community online.

Hope you like it!

Also, if you prefer the older theme, Rogue you can still choose it by clicking the drop down menu on the bottom left of the footer.

Staff member
Greetings @Chad

I like the style and the layout.

Looks clean and cool

Only one slight problem , some of the fonts are a little faint and harder to see.

Thank you brother for your hard work on this forum.
Loyal Member
It's nice and feels more umm... I guess I'll say professional for lack of a better word.
Thanks for all your efforts brother.
I see it also supports different avatar sizes fairly well.
I can see the top of the frankincense tree growing out of the rock now.
Loyal Member
Wow - this is NICE! Looks so modern and sleek. I love it. Thank you for the hard work to make this an awesome place.
Who deleted what I wrote ?

It was funny. It wasn't vulgar, had no bad language, a child could have read it, it was a G rating.


Is this one of those overly uptight forums ?

Seriously. What happened ?

Was it the same mod who deleted my request in my intro thread that if anyone wanted to pm me to please do so ?

I'm kind of starting to feel unwelcome here. Maybe I should leave.

See this is why I don't go to church. Cause the secular world is rude. But when a Christian is rude, it's just too much. Wow

Watch my genuine question to this get deleted as well.
Staff member

Please don't hijack this thread with your personal issues and disagreements. Send me a pm or a mod a pm instead, respectfully. You don't have to tell us why you don't go to church, all because your post was deleted and your sarcasm in your last line. Fair warning.

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