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Brand new resident penguin

G'day everyone.

I'm Cam, I'm 21, from Australia. found this place on google and just joined. look forward to meeting you all.

...what is this..:moon:?????
welcome cam. i am glad that you have found your way here to talk with all us fellow christians. as you know, God works in wonderful, but odd ways. him bringing you to this site was a miracle. if you ever want to chat, or what not, contact me at [email protected]. you can also contact me at msn messenger on that name.
Welcome Cam. You will find many friends here at Talk Jesus. Praise that Lord. We are glad that you have joined us!! God Bless you
Hey there Cam!
Welcome. I'm new too but I've enjoyed navigating around here so far. Please feel free to share with us here.

Rabid Penguin, that's an interesting name. What's the significance? If you don't mind ;)