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heya all...

i was just wondering...

what do u all parake in when you get bored?

do u read? or listen 2 music???

plz feel free 2 give me ur input..

love ya's!!
Hi Aimz,

I read Christian books, listen to Christian cd's - things that will encourage and speak to me. I've even been known to just go and lie in bed and think about God, sometimes I drift off to sleep and waken refreshed, having talked to Him. Sometimes I've been known when I'm bored to go to my "quiet place" - the bath. There I lie and soak and talk to my Father. I call it the quiet place because it's the one place in the house I can go and lock the door and noone can come in!!! If I bored I tell Him - well He is interested in all I do. (now you do know I'm mad!!!)
well me well you shoudl knwo what i do when i get bored....

i invent somethign to entertain my self and end up goign Ga Ga and goign completly PHYCO!!!

but other than that. i coem here and yeah.. or, go out for a walk get out in the greta out door's or listen to music or watch a movie. which i have So many of now these day's... LOL

Love Simon!!!
if i get bored i usually put on some music, play basketball or something like that!! or try and find something constructive to do with my time!!
yea, well atm if i wana do sumfin constructive... it means i have 2 do school work... an since i have like 5 wks an 2 days 2 go... i so DONT wana do nething... so yea, i read.. an listen 2 music sometimes...

i could go 4 a drive 2.. but i neva know where 2 go...lol
you COULD drive to my place... LOL

or go for a walk along beach... and suggestions of which beaches...
(lighthouse, Shelly's thru to nobbies )

LOOL there ya go...

Love Simon!!!
Staff Member
I never get bored generally speaking. I do the following to keep my busy (and they do)

1. Work
2. Ministry (here on Talk Jesus)
3. Read books (only Bible and Christian related)
4. Play guitar
5. Go workout
6. Pray
7. Talk to my precious lovely woman (no details now please don't ask)
8. Eat / dine out
9. Jog
10. Go to the local bookstore
Well i like to go for a big drive in the car away out into the countryside, or down coastal routes,with the cd player blasting worship and praise music ( shouting and singing with the lord) then park somewhere by the beach and go for along walk and speak to the lord.
I dont like geting bored, u know the devil makes work of idle hands!, as I work full time and wierd shifts i feel that time is very precious. Though when I do have time off i try to cram a lot of things in like reading, going out into the country, trips and stuff.
Eventhough life can seem hetic, it is inportant that we let God into every aspect of our lives even the little boring tasks.
im starting to fill my time with more productiveness!! about 2 months ago when i didnt have a job all i was doing outside job interviews was sitting at home doing nothing, being lazy now that im working i obviously work, work out at the gym, go on talk jesus!! spend time with god (that is just general includes all aspects of spending time with god - worship, prayer, reading bible etc.)

now that im being more productive with my time i feel so much better!!
yeah this is going to ceem weird. but i picked up my bible the other day and so FAR. i am on a run of like. comming on 10 or somehtign day or readign it in a ROw like every day, tenth day so far. i am actually AMAZED at this because to be honest. i HATE reading btu will do it if it is worth it and i can never find anythgin in the Bible to liek intregue me into readin it apart from Job and Proverb's they just **** me in easily. oh and a bitta Psalm's. but yeah so far i am going thru Mathew. just because i dont actually know. so yeah i am goign well in my Bordem times i just read the bibel... i guess that that is a good habbit isnt it??

Love Simon!!!
Well I get bored a lot at work, but found a remedy for that

I love reading and do puzzles (logic problems - they give u a sentence or two and you must solve the problem)

So what I did is put enough books everywhere.

I.e. at work, my room , lounch, car, and even carry one in my bag and some at other places

lol - now busy reading 4 different books at the same time (my bible is always in my bag)
and busy with a few different puzzles at the same time

Then obviously when I sit behind my computer reading forums or just chatting to ppl- i listen to my gospel music ( it looks like a warfield here next to my Computer with all the Cd's - and games) - lol

My lovely kids are keeping me real busy - but we love to play and wrestle and just play games etc. or just watch their fav. stories for the millionth time.
ok i foudn my self today, BORED AS. i couldnt believe how BORING my today was. i mean my mum and dad went out to talk about htings out liek 25 mins away placed caled Wachope... lol for htose of you who knwo it i mean... but yeah and they were gone for OVER 5 hours. the left and 9:00 and i cant remember when thye got back but i knwo it was MUCH LONGER THAN, 2:00 o'clockish. so yeah... juts though i'd let ya knwo what i did. WATCHED movies. lol, and talked to my bro about who his Gf is well tried to worm out more details about her. off him but nothign els was reveled... lol

well yeah any whoop. i am outta here. so i catch yall later

Love Simon!!!
lately i havent really been finding myself getting bored bewtween work and working out i dont have a lot of time on my hands!!!
No time for boredom.... bleurghh

Now I fill my days as much as I can

1. Spend time with friends dining, coffee, nights out on the town and going to the gym.
2. Work... work.... work....
3. Spend time here learning and growing.
4. Shopping online or quick splurges
5. Pray and read
6. Holidays, days out.
7. Sleeping

Used to be work and caring but now I make sure I'm very very busy with as much other stuff as I can. Never get bored but think too much if I stop too long